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  • Well the other night i was powdering around 100 Nagas and about 40 Scorpions (i think they are Butch T) in a small coffee grinder. I open the lid after letting it settle for about ten seconds and try and take very small breaths but the powder still got up my nose and made me sneeze a million times throughout the ordeal. Then i notice my lips burning and the inside of my mouth. I hadn't even eaten any powder! Then i feel it over my arms OMG that shit travels when you powder it real fine. Tonight i have my missus over and won't have to touch her for foreplay LOL
    Cool mate, i will put these two (just checked) yellow bhut seeds aside for you and track down some red ones to go along with them. I am glad to hear that the other seeds germinated fine for you thats great.
    Now i gotta go grind some powder and hope that i don't have a repeat of the other night! :cheers:
    Hey Erik, i just got some seeds of my mate. The ones he said were Bhuts, well they are not they are actually Bih's (he got confused). Let me know if you want them though and i will still track down some Bhuts for you. I can maybe send a couple of Yellow Bhut seeds as i have them but only one or two survived the trip to my house. I can get more off hippy but that wont be for a while.

    A few years back, I had a condition and the doctor told me not to eat chillies or anything spicy. Well, I did so anyway and I reckon that's what cured me! I was better in no time. Of course, my condition wasn't even half as serious as yours, and had it been, I reckon I most certainly wouldn't have risked it!

    Hope you have a speedy recovery and can get back into them chillies ASAP!
    Tjena, vad kul att det finns mer Svenskar här, 2 mil utanför Göteborg bor jag så du är lite längre norrut än mig.
    thats fantastic!! another month and I will be working out what to do with the plants over winter... big plans for next season though - they're going in the ground!! I'm going to start off some new seedlings indoors from about august i think :)
    excellent!! glad to hear you are doing well :) its funny.. you're excited that its 10+ degrees and i'm getting worried cause we're dropping below 23 :) at least we dont have to deal with snow but i still hate winter!!
    Oh no! but everything is good now, right?

    I like that one, Moving is fun. After you are done... :lol:

    Ain't that the truth!?
    yeah, have been harvesting a fair bit... not drinking so much so that = less posting!! plus the social boards can get a bit too crazy :) how are you feeling today?
    hows the new place going? and more importantly how are you feeling? are you doing ok?
    What up! Glad to see ya pulled thru and got the seeds and all! Take it easy brah :P
    YAaaay!!! you're back!! Welcome!! hope you're doing better with your recovery and will be back in action in no time!! We missed you around the forum!!!! I'm a sober(ish) mel these days so it will be great to have some non-drunken conversations with :) So glad to hear your ok and back :)
    Hey mate! I haven't seen you on the boards lately mate. I have been keeping an eye out for you because i have lost the other address that you gave me to send your parcel to. Please can you sent me a pm with the addy again so i can get some stuff out to you. I actually got Hippy to send me some Bhut seeds for yourself but the post office lost them on me.
    Sorry for the very major delay and i hope that everything went well with your surgery.
    hey there.. i know you wont be on for a while, but just wanted to let you know I"m thinking of you and i hope you are ok :D get well soon!!
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