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  • Hey how are you going. I did post a reply but not sure if I did it in the right spot.
    Yeah when I met my partner his friends were thrilled when i bought over some home brew that I made at the brew shop and that i liked chillies and metal music : )
    My website is
    smeat smeat smeat smeat smeat!
    doesnt have the same ring as a bunch of vikings singing:

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    Good call mate!


    Don't know if this is good or bad! But I am an dirt farmer, at least in my youth. The main crop was tobacco but he raised a bunch of tomatoes, potatoes, green beans, lettuce and corn, and some carrots and peas. There were five of us kids, four boys and Karla. We all had huge appetites so our garden was quite large. We planted more pounds of seed potatoes than most families would harvest in total.

    Most of my growing techniques come from those days.

    Same to you and your family sweetheart. I'm working 'til 11:45pm on New Years Eve so I have 15 minutes to get pissed, LOL.
    so i am new to this how do u get ur pic up there,and do all of you have sauces, people just blog about sauces??
    hi,thanks,i love cooking and using different sauces and spices,you need to check out one of the award winners bodeens at,it is awesome i will have to share some of my secret recipes that are oh so good,so try some today...and let me know???
    Hi Novacastrian,

    I am glad that you received your package. And so happy that you liked the powder. Wish I could have sent more, but I only had 9 pods in total and gave a couple away to local folks who were craving some. You know you don't get much powder once you dehydrate the pepper. Again, glad that it all worked out and I'm so happy that you'll be growing your own plants in your coming season! You'll love the fresh peppers -- they're hotter, thanks to the glistening capsaicin oil coating the inside of the pod when you cut it open. Get a bit of that on your tongue! Gawd!

    Thanks for the neat posting on Brokensea's thread. That really made my day!

    Powder sounds great. I made some orange hab powder the other day, but yours is better...

    Mate i would swim up stream in a river of shit with my mouth open to get some of those seeds...

    Your care package from me isn't to far away. Will be sent monday, i was just waiting on some small lock seal bags...
    7.20am on a friday and you are on line.... mmmmmmmmmmm. Get to work to lazy bum....:lol:

    And yes i'm at work to but i'm the boss so it's ok....

    Your bloody hopless!!!!:P

    You smear the good name of my family and and then you get all the info wrong...

    I know i am a very distant relation to him, but i don't know him personally.

    All the Moy's in Australia came from a convict called James Moy who came to Australia in 1844. He was freed and ended up getting married and having 12 kids, then all 12 kids had about 10 kids and so on.....

    So there is alot of us but i don't really know any of them..

    He's one of the not so bright Moy's if he got busted...:D
    Heyah, hope all is well in the great land down under where people's feet are where there heads should be (and vice versa)!
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