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  • Last season you sent me some seeds to try and now I'm in a position to extend my gratitude by offering something new from my trade list. I never forget those who help me along the way. Just pick a few types from my trade list and I'll send them your way. Thanks for reaching out to me last season!!
    Your seeds came in today, and I can't wait to get them started. I have a few things I need to do first to the pepper room. Next week my wife and I will get started on the seeds. My seed trade/share list will increase from 14 to 54 species and will be available in the fall. Let me know if you would like to try something new at that time.
    Your friend, Jack
    would love a few red savina seeds.Can sase or trade.Look at my list and let me know.About a dozen types listed are not available for trade this season.Just not enough. Let me know,, Rich
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