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  • Best wishes on a wonderful holiday! I'm sure your family is in for a real culinary feast if your TD skills are any indication!
    Hey SL - thanks for joining in! (And yeah, I think he LIKES being pestered, as he hasn't unlocked it yet!) LOL
    Thanks, Seth! I'm glad you enjoy them. That's what keeps me working at it. There's a couple new things in the works~
    Hey, just wanted to say your sauces are AMAZING! I love the smokiness of the ghost fire! You have a real gift lady, or from what Scovie tells me, gifts!
    Where we live, there's a creek called Texas Creek right across the road. And there is Texas Creek Road a stone's throw from the house. I'm looking forward to the chilefest also. Keep your eye out for new members from the NW.
    Just curious did you get the Texas Creek name from a road in eastern WA? Maybe a dumb question but just wondered. Is it Northwest chilefest time yet? Lol! Can't wait hopefully there will be lots of people.
    Yo, bd1965. You're in (eastern Wa) right? I don't keep up on comments all the time. Send me a PM, love to chat~
    Hey, Rocketman, We'd love to have you, but I think you now have a full time job keeping track of the Bear! Maybe you can plan a visit to WA next year around the 2nd weekend in Sept~ ;)
    And keep that bear away from the banana leaves! Next thing you know he'll be trying to HULA DANCE! :)
    I was reading about the NW get together this afternoon and stated looking at google map pics of where I used to live in Tacoma, GOD I miss Washington State! Hope you all have a great time. Wish I could make it but now I have to help frydaddy4 keep an eye out for that damn Bear! :cool:
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