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  • Yeah I am very much thanks. Moved out of there this week so no worries about that any longer. Will move into a new house this sunday. Will finally have a home sweet home in Wa. :)
    Burn, Baby, BURN! Glad you're enjoying it, Ryan! No worries about the roommate getting into THAT stuff!
    Happy New Year!
    Ann I just ate some tacos with your extra hot salsa, amazing. No hot sauce needed I am burning up. Thanks!
    Hope you and the salsakid had a great Turkey Day. I loved Washington State, I lived on the wet side in Tacoma for several years till I graduated from High School. Loved it!
    Yeah but what was not cool is I ate two entire bags of chips in two days! My sister tried it and lived it alot too. Seriously great stuff! Maybe you should bring me some on wings night whenever the weather clears up and I wont have to pay shipping haha :)
    OoohhhYEA!!! That is an awesome idea! Thanks, Ryan!
    Always looking to find new/better recipes. Thanks for sharing that tip. I'm gonna try that one with the fam.
    Your chipolte chip dip is awesome! I used butter milk instead of water because I like my dips really thick and fatty :) Great stuff!
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