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  • WOOOOOHOOOO! 26 messages down and only 168 more to go! lol Night guys
    fatalii x red savina cross you are in with?Fixing to ask myself.You think i`m quick!
    Ok well then you will in 2 to 3 weeks.Will come to me from guatamala. Spell check please!
    Ok try again you 2 are killing me. Oh yea Hi!Last message on my page due to incompetence
    on my part!
    I will try but when 1 is in my nose it`s already busy! Do you already have red 7pot x naga morich-bhutxdouglah-red fatalii x scorpion seeds?Working on a trade now.
    Good evening and no i`ve yet to get to work on my page! lol Somewhere between lazy and worthless here :)
    Hey bud you around? say yea and the dobie here can call. Never had a tongue longer than my leg!
    Hey bud how`s it going?Hope all`s well at home and the ice peppers you talked about are catching.Can`t wait for seeds. R
    Ok yes and the drink fridge isn`t so full of drinks! lol Silence of the lambs big time!
    Jerky in bound in 10 or so days.Time to do it right! hehe yea dead bodies out front means that -- gotta behave till next time.
    How dare you make comments about football on this sacred place! Hope you are full and the boss is making you behave! :)
    Yes I did get the chocs.I`m now home and gonna take a shower.2 bucks- 4 and 8 pointer i`ll be busy tonight cutting! :)
    hey man sorry but been really busy hunting in the evenings.Coyotes lol.If I don`t find yall tonight will look when I get back tomorrow from hunting.I hope you all have a great Turkey day and NO peppers aren`t needed! :) Rich
    ha! yep, real quick right before I had to take my xmas cheer the the ol' Christmas tree lot this morning :) was gonna reply PM but you know me, I can't just send a small message lol. See?! I can't even send a small comment! If I only had a dollar for everytime someones told me I talk too much...
    Sorry Jack
    I did respond to your line you dropped in my profile. FINALLY . As everyone on here already knows Jack is a ( Very giving and helpful person ) Thanx Jack if I can do anything for you just let me know ..Dave macon ga..
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