trade 2011 trade

well now that its July i think everyone has had a few ripe pods and that be getting more around august so i know i'm not the first one asking for next season so just tell me what you have and i can trade i'll give you my list as the season goes on pm me for current list
This is MN, we have a short pepper growing season, reliable amounts of pods will be coming in late August-September. So planning trading won't happen too soon, have to see what produces best. I think most growers will know by late September or October what they will have available for trade given the different growing zones.
Hey xcsports. Just letting you know that the seeds you sent me arent here yet.

But it's understandable. It takes forever before anything comes in.
For many people this is the time of year for growing and isolating, late summer/early fall is harvest and processing time, and late fall/early winter is a great time for seed trading. This year I hope to do all my purchases and trades in November or December.
I always start to plan for the next year around this time as well. But usually just planning. I have just started to isolate pods for saving, so it will be a while before I have pure seeds to send out. I do most of my trading in the fall as well. Maybe then we will be able to do a trade.