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2015 Pepper Hauls

Nice hauls. I should have a big one in a week or so. My Baccatums are loaded and I have a few Hab plabts that are turning colors now.
Picked a few peppers this morning, thought I would share my haul. I will add these to my glog and seperate them out (yes they are different varieties! Only two Jalapenos but the plants are started to grow some, just a little small at the moment. Tried to find something for size but only could find a quarter and a pencil... 
I'd never bother to grow regular ones from seed though, most nurseries carry those, serranos and pablanos. I did grow Xalapas jalapeno from seed this year though thanks to capcom. Will probably grow it next year as well. 


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Hab's and one Scotch Bonnet. 

....I'll head down to "The Farmacy" in Santa Fe{TX} tomorrow and pick. Wanted to have a hundred foot row of half Habs and half Tabasco's but must have seeded out of one stash. Turned out the whole row is all tabasco with one lonely Santa Fe and another pepper I have to look at!
  Here I have a bumper crop of Red Scotch Bonnets off of my three year old plants, and a very few Chocloate habs.
I'll pick tommorow and post up a pic or two.
I have a thing for yellow peppers, they just look so damn cool. Those are lemon drop/hot lemon/aji limon etc. They are C. baccatum. Very tasty little pods with a nice manageable heat level. Sort of a mild searing heat that goes away after a minute. Makes an excellent pepper jelly that is enjoyable by not just chile heads. Really good on burgers and in salads. They smell amazing in the dehydrator. Might try a fruit leather with some of these.

I grew three out to full size this year as the last few years they have been in high demand from friends and family. Each plant produces very nicely. Have probably harvested 500 pods so far among them. They were the quickest to germinate, fastest to maturity aside from the cherry tomatoes.
Everything looks great, D3! Your white Bhut and white Fatalii are a lot whiter than mine. Fantastic! I missed out on yellow Primos this year. You've got quite a variety! Keep up the good work!