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2022 Outside-In


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Rain day!
Excited to see one of the CP-203 hooking.. So far, just the one.

Does it seem like the tomatoes are trying to get away from the light? Maybe I shouldn't have them as close as I have the peppers? They are leaning away, not towards the element.


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Almost done with setup on the plot. From the looks of it, we can establish a perennial garden.. So many options.
Of course, we ended up with the one that has field thistles.. They must know me.

Some of the last batch of peppers look a little funky.. The White hab from JLH died early the last time I grew it, and the seedlings of this one all seem a little odd. Starting to feel like maybe I should have isolated them from the get-go. Could it just be the light being so close? These ones started out elevated on the other flat, whereas the others started out on the shelf base and weren't lifted until they showed the third or fourth real leaf.


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That's great. 10 x 20 is a good chunk of extra space. Still, it fills up fast once you know you have it, so hopefully you can get that second 1/2 lined up for future seasons.


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Most of the people there are from the neighborhood.. I'd love if we had something closer. I get the impression it's becoming the neighborhood berry patch. You see the one 20 x 20 there in Strawberries, there's another just like it, and a full plot of Rubus too. 10-20$/year for a rabbit-free berry patch isn't too bad.. 🤔

Speaking of Rubus, looks like some of the investment in our seed bank here is starting to accrue interest.. A couple of R. idaeus popped up along the fence this year. I should probably get a 'circle of protection' around them, but I'm curious to see if the rabbits will like them as much as they like the Black raspberry, or if they leave it alone. Love the primocanes on these!



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Some days it feels like I just may be transplanting peppers all summer. Did a quick count yesterday and still have well over a hundred to go. Gotta love pint cups.

We vacated our other plot, in exchange for a little better location and a lot more room. This is the second of two plots we are taking over now.. Chock full of perennial field thistle, so fun times are ahead! This will likely be our native perennials bed, but we are going to excavate this thistle first.

Lots of nasty garbage at this garden, probably due to the high volume of city compost being employed. So, we've been pretty busy and there's no end in sight.. Thought I'd drop a few pictures on here in between the raindrops.. So much for mowing before the showers.

Here's one of my nursery purchases.. Midnight Snack Hybrid, just starting to ripen a couple of trusses.


Rat Tails coming along.. I'm really debating splitting these up as I wasn't expected them all to germinate. Anyone else grow these? I feel like maybe 4 is pushing it in a 3 gallon.. 8 seems a little much. Insights?


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Great to hear about the new plot with more space. It may be more work, but more opportunities too.

How is the new location better? Better sun? Neighbors? Closer to where you park?


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Great to hear about the new plot with more space. It may be more work, but more opportunities too.

How is the new location better? Better sun? Neighbors? Closer to where you park?
Well, it's 20'x20', excluding the pathway.. The garden is bigger overall and in a more natural setting, instead of in the middle of a neighborhood. Our plots benefit from full sun most of the day and shade in the late afternoon. It's in the flood zone, so spring is a little wet, but I think we will have less watering to do in the long run.

I understand there is some tomato blight, but overall just a better feeling at this place. Communication has been good and the diversity in people seems a lot less contrived.. Or 'filtered', if you will.


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Noticed yesterday that our pepper/tomato plot is in the shade by 3pm.. Might have to use the other plot next year for those.
Other than a little rabbit damage, things seem to be going well. I was really excited about this Filius Blue hybrid I have, until the pod color came along.. I'm hoping it'll color to the purple, but usually they start out that way.



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Sedona Sun are starting to look sweet.

Not sure where this Hybrid Filius Blue is headed, but I like what I'm seeing..


Then there's all these cool hybrids I scored from Adam..
BlackNaga x PeriPeri Brown, around a year old now..

These are from MustardGum NagaBrain seeds.. The darker-podded one ripened to orange last year, the other didn't produce any pods last year.. But maybe it is true?

I was going to post more, but they seem to be taking forever to upload.. And I've run out of time for it. Maybe later.


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Symptoms of old age creeping in.. I know better than to use fiberglass screen, because it tears so easy, yet here I went and got a whole roll of it and started trying to stitch it with 20lb test. Oh well.. Duct it! Somehow I imagined this one being less work than making a screen box.. The nice thing is I can take it all apart and only lose the tape in the redo. Works for now. Definitely going to need some work if it's to become the beetle enclosure I'd like it to be.. Or maybe I'll just make a screened box.

At least a little better than this..

Probably going to try one with just tape seams, like someone else posted on here. I have plans to build a multi-plant isolation chamber, just not sure it's going to happen this season.


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At least of couple pods have set in isolation so far.. I pulled them indoors for a couple days, so they missed the storms. The heat has dropped off for the week, hopefully I'm able to get most of the varieties I'd like done. Nights are dropping down into the 50's now, this year just doesn't make up it's mind.
The Filius Blue X is looking more interesting with each passing day. I noticed one mine that hasn't been transplanted also has the same flower pattern.. Might have two of them. Hard to pick it up on the camera, but it's a deep chocolate color they are getting to them, that started on the sun side, but also creeps to the underside too. Two of these pods are almost completely brown now. I grew these next to Pretty-n-Sweet most of the season, somehow I doubt that's the cross. I hope they taste half as good as this plant looks!


Harvested my first SugarCane today, and it is also crossed.. I'm guessing with the Amish Hot Finger, given the wonderful heat it had. Not complaining, but I don't have high hopes of the rest of them being true now. I think I've got the tags issues figured out now.. Instead of relying solely on them (because the birds steal them too), I've started engraving the sides of the pots with the names. Lets see that get washed or carried off!
Oddly enough, the hot weather didn't really stop DeSorta from setting pods, and she seems to really be enjoying the cooler temps this week has brought.


Unfortunately, DeSeda finally gave up.. I think. She's up in the greenroom now, but I don't have much hope for her. She was never a very healthy plant.. Probably for the best. :cry:
On the other side of Pubescens, Here's one of the Aji Largo from seeds @Crazy Monkey hooked me up with this year.


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Peach Caterpillar opened her first flower yesterday.. Looking pretty dapper for a 10 year old seed.

Fatalii White is looking to produce well this second season. These tough plants have earned my respect!! Shout out to @Jeffcontonio , for these and the train he put them on!

Pink Habanero also starting to ripen some pods, another carry over.. So far the sweetest of the heatless/mild Chinense I've had. I originally obtained them thru Jukka's store.