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2023/2024, wiicek, Let's Make BalcoJungle!

Oh, I love watching that kind of stuff...
I am not too experienced in growing peppers, I used to grow some tomatoes but since I moved out from my family house, I didn't have space to grow anything. I bought allotment garden (I think that's the word, english is not my native language) but I can't seem to find time to care about it full time from march to october, it's not as near my flat as I'd want it to be but maybe one year I will make my life a little bit less messy and take make it work.
Now I live in the apartment with a balcony, it is at western side and in the summer the heat is kinda out of control. I think it will do! Oh, I dream of the jungle here!

This year I bought some chillies from the supermarket and, as I often do, I put some seeds into the ground. Don't know the variety, but I have a picture.


I don't have one with ripen peppers but it was red. One of them is actually orange, and one (or two - I don't know, it was not fruiting at the same time and I was constantly picking it) are sweet, also supermarket type - one is hanging on the bottom left there. It is 3 liters container and there is 6 of them in it, so harvest was small, but peppers beautiful and tasty. I ate a sauce made out of them already.

So, yea, I kinda wanted more, so, I picked some seeds, bought different types of chillies from supermarket again and gathered some seeds. I know I have a jalapeno, piri-piri and that's it from the names I know, but other than that I have 2 or 4 different types of hot ones (maybe cayenne and serrano) and one sweet one (on the picture), I don't remember if I sow a bell peppers also. I also found some ornamental ones and sow them too:


The purple one died after I sprayed all of them with soap - aphids. Orange and yellow are still alive but aphids and soap made them look miserable... But they're coming right back!


I don't know if I should take and shower them, they still have white stains from the soap and have sticky places from aphids. I still constantly get rid of them manually, it seems like there is always more to kill but less and less with every day. I do this daily or every other day now.

There are my seedlings!

They were sow so long ago, from one to two months but they didn't have enought light to grow. I've had them under blue light (grow light with two flexible sticks) but it seemd like it was too weak for them, so I added one with threee sticks and it started to grow rapidly.

After watering them and ordering them by height (and two days), the thingy looks like that:

Yesterday I repotted guys from the first picture earler.



It is 3 liters container and there were, ekhem, SEVEN of them in it! I dried them and made my first sauce (and from other chillies I bought for seeds then) and it was amazing! I think some of them are in my fermented sauce also. It was not a big harvest but yea, seven. I did use them good. One pepper is still hanging there, hah. It's a sweet one.

The last one was starting to wilt one week ago, I took it out but it was too late. I had my hopes but it probably is not coming back.

So yea, I have a station with blue (and red turned off) light and above it two one-foot shells which I light up with four (two for each) 2k lumens, 4k kelvins light bulbs. It seems like too much for my eyes but plants like it.

I planted everything into special mix for special plants (Cana terra), they will love it, I'm sure. I water it without fertilizers right now but normally I have my hydroponics mix for tomatoes and for every liter of solution I add half a liter of water because I've read that peppers like less of it. I'm in the middle of making my nettle solution for nitrogen, so they will be happy. For now I let them eat what is in that rich mix.

I am making them a station but for now there is nothing to show.

I LOVE IT! Aphids can f*ck themselves (and they surely do,s all the time, but I am coming for their children with baking soda mix if it will be necessairy), I am rolling now and it's gonna be amazing!

Edit. Oh, I forgot.... I was feeling adventurous and didn't put any labels on my trays, so now it is all the mistery! I really think I was tired and stupid then but it is what it is now, lol.
I bought some Sugar Rush Stripey, Thunder Mountain Longhorn, Fatali Habanero, Aji: Lemon Drop, Pineapple and Melon; and El Oro Equador seeds! Forst three came and are in the mix now, Lemon came with 0 seeds, that was weird, I wrote to the shop but they didn't answer, I bought some more somewhere else.

Let's make BalcoJungle!
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I have to tell you, I already did! <3 I watch logs like crazy! 🤣I won't lie, after seeing their set up I am more and more ready for a spring. I loved the idea of putting them on edge, it didn't occur to me before.
How many, you ask. That is The Question, I have no idea. I was thinking about the size of containers, I bought some 12, 18, 30 and 35 liters, I don't think I will put any 35 liters there but I really want to try to fit a single 30 one - to see how big a tree I can get. Don't know what pepper would be a chosen one tho.
I want to put a few of 12 liters on edge, like @SineNomine did, don't have a set up yet. I'll see how many would fit there (I think around 7, maaaaaybe 9.....), few on the window sills, maybe smaller ones, and from 4 to 5 18 liters ones on the ground. If I did a stand up like @FIREater8632 shared in my welcome thread, I may fit another row, but I don't know if that wouldn't be too much, 18 liters make big and bushy plants. I don't know yet, I know more is not the better but that doesn't work like that in my head when they just keep sprouting...

From 21 to 25, so, a big number! Different sizes tho. Obviously, I don't know everything yet, I wanted to have only those I've sprouted already plus some Sugar Rush, Thunder Mountain and Lemon Drop but today I've ordered some other fruity ones, because that's how I roll. We'll see, if it's gonna be too bushy, I'll restrict myself, but I like bushy.
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Package with seeds came today!

They gave me one free chili (Wild Brazil) and one free tomato (Saint Pierre), so that's nice of them. The shop is called Moje Pomidory (My Tomatoes), so, it all makes sense. :drooling:
So, it seems like numbers grow on their own, I don't need to do much!


Edit. And finally, after so many weeks of just hanging there, the last pod is starting to get red! I wonder if repotting made the difference here, like mommy wants to grow roots now, so, go, go, go, you little brat, quickly, get your own lifeforce! She was under blue light for few weeks and those fluorescent bulbs for the last 10 days.
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We have a winner, pepper sowed 22.11 - Sugar Rush Stripey!

I'm getting more and more excited! It is my first! Before I was only growing things from supermarket. 🤣 So, we can say, Sugar Rush Stripey is my first special (normal!) chilli which seeds were bought from a place selling actual seeds... 😅 And also a first pepper I knew I want since I saw it. But I'm sure it is a easy win in that category.


I think my plants have too much light, because some new leaves are growing in weird directions.
This is an example in a blue light box, I alighned lights two days ago to make it less intense and they straighten up a little already. Bottom small one was like that bigger one but in an opposite direction.


For those under the light bulbs things are little more difficult, I can unscrew one bulb and I did on the bottom shelf, but when I take out one on the upper shelf, some bigger plants growing outside of the unit but taking the light off of it, are not having plenty. The problem will be solved when I make a shelf for all of them, so, it's not too important. But some plants don't like it right now.


Some leaves are having uneven surface and I know it is a symptom of having too much light but I thought it's from aphids and mechanical damage I gave to them while killing those by hand. It may be partly but I know light is a problem here also.


If I have two 2k lumens light bulbs, so 4k at a shelf lined up with aluminum foil, and a shelf is ~1feet squared... Does it make it more than 4k? I know lumens are all the light what comes out of a bulb, and I don't have it closed, so part of it is coming out, but most is hitting the foil inside and coming back to plants, and I've read that reflective material like that are giving back to 70%. Does it mean, I give them way more than 4k or am I just overanalizing it? (around 2.5-3k + 70%of that makes it around 5k at most, doesn't sound too much) It probably is less, because light which hit plant is not reflected. So, why uneven leaves?

P.s. I have to edit first post and add a grow list, right? People love those, I hear!
Can I even do this?
I'll add one here before I figure it out:

  • Thunder Mountain Longhorn - 21.11.2023 - 3
  • Fatali Habanero - 21.11.2023 - 2
  • Sugar Rush Stripey - 22.11.2023 - 3
  • Aji Lemon Drop - 28.11.2023 - 1
  • Aji Pineapple - 28.11.2023 - 1
  • Aji Mango&Aji Ayuyo - 28.11.2023 - 1
  • El Oro De Ecuador - 28.11.2023 - 1
  • Wild Brazil - 28.11.2023 - 1
  • Aribibi Chocolate - 02.12.2023 - 1
  • Florescent Variagate - 02.12.2023 - 2
  • Sugar Rush Peach - 02.12.2023 - 1
  • Half-Mystery peppers - september 2023 - 22 (+6 bigger, sowed in april)
I don't know what and when I planted before, so, I called those half-mystery, because I know there is some kind of jalapeno, some kind of ornamental ones plus maybe serrano, maybe cayenne or thai. I'm sure you will know more seeing them in the season.


Edit. 02.12.2023

And here it is!


And an update on sugar rush stripey, second one is hooking!


Buyt first one looks kinda weak, maybe that rich mix wasn't a great idea. Let's see where this goes...


And the oldest peppers are budding. I don't know if I should pick it or not, I'd love few of them to grow a little bit more foliage, so maybe there I'll pick.
I'm gonna sow the newcomers now! :seeya:
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Let's make an epic update!

Chillies in the Blue Box (🎶do-do-do-doo, do-do-do-doo...🎶) are starting to feel comfortable in new pots. The older ones had some difficulties up until this week, older leaves were yellowing and dropping but now they even try to flower!


Can I ask you some silly questions? I know I should not fertilize them after transplanting into rich mix but how long do you think should I wait?
I am waiting impatiently to give them some nettle tea for nitrogen but don't want to make it a big mistake... Some of them started to grow really fast even without it.

Comparison: First from 2.12 and second from 10.12 :



Sugar Rush looks healthier now!



Andf yes, third one sprouted 4-5 days ago.

And yesterday first Florescent Variagate hooked, today I see second one there!
From yesterday:


From today:

I moved all of chillies (and some others) from Blue Box and shelves yesterday to warmer room, where I have made a small station with three light bulbs. I took blue light away, want to see if bulbs will do their work.


Few of them are trying to flower and it is so cute!


I won't let them for now. Only two (first two photos) will bud for now.

How long do you think roots are growing to their full potential after transplanting? I don't wanna let them flower before...
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I'll wait with nettle fertilizer till saturday, it's gonna be 3 weeks then...


Today I saw Aribibi Chocolate showing itself! I thought chinenses take longer to sprout but it seems like this 3-4c makes a difference!


And second Fluorescent Vatriegated has darker color, I'm curious, wanna see it grow! So beautigful...


I planted those in my normal ground from last season, not in the bought mix, because I was a little worried it's too rich but now I kinda regret it, the mix was made especially for seeds and I kinda missed that entirely 😅 Well, now I know.

So, now it's coming! Time to think about all this transplanting I'll have to do soon. I ordered some perlite, vermiculite and other things to make ChiliChump ground mix. I hope to get magical chilies out of it! (money, I love you, come to me, I want to spend you aaaalllll on my peeeppeeeers!) :fire::fire::fire:
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Ok, so... Yesterday I've got an impuls to buy some peppers and make a sauce... And this is what I found:


Padron was it's name. So, all of them were green, those 3 are the biggest and the most ripen, I think. I made a sauce from half of the rest, seeds were black and don't know if any of them even could ripe with time. But I feel lucky, so I put those aside. We will see. New variety in my presence and I wouldn't try?! Pff.

So, I made this:

Don't know if mango only is a good idea, maybe I'll put there some pineapple today....


Sugar Rush Peach is hooking!


Aaaand second Aribibi Chocolate


Ach, and I've bought two new varieties: PJ Ice and Dark Thai. So, ekhem... yes. I really can't say no to beautiful colors.


Packages with ground mix ingredients are slowly arriving, I think all of them will be here within two to three days.
I kinda go on all four into it, but I've always been like that, not always keeping the fire on tho but this year I really focus on feeling good and seeing plants grow makes me happy, eating peppers makes me happy and those colourful pods? OMG. So, I didn't have a choice! It's gonna be fantastic!


Updated list:

  • Thunder Mountain Longhorn - 21.11.2023 - 0/3
  • Fatali Habanero - 21.11.2023 - 0/3
  • Sugar Rush Stripey - 22.11.2023 - 3/3
  • Aji Lemon Drop - 28.11.2023 - 0/1
  • Aji Pineapple - 28.11.2023 - 0/1
  • Aji Mango&Aji Ayuyo - 28.11.2023 - 0/1
  • El Oro De Ecuador - 28.11.2023 - 0/1
  • Wild Brazil - 28.11.2023 - 0/1
  • Aribibi Chocolate - 02.12.2023 - 2/2
  • Florescent Variagate - 02.12.2023 - 2/2
  • Sugar Rush Peach - 02.12.2023 - 1/1
  • Half-Mystery peppers - september 2023 - 22/22 (+6 bigger, sowed in april)
  • Pedros - waiting for seeds
  • PJ Ice - waiting for seeds
  • Dark Thai - waiting for seeds
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I just noticed that my biggest sugar rush stripey still grows three leaves at a time instead of two...
I saw three cotyledons but my thought was it's gonna end with them. But here they are!


White spots are from baking soda bath, the aphids are kinda coming back but that's my fault, I thought one spray and the work is done. No. Twice a week for month or two. It's a war.

It's interesting to notice that one of three leaves is bigger, I wonder how it's gonna look when the plant will have more space and food to grow. I hope it's gonna stay crazy and won't be stunt in any way in the future!


Btw. Note to myself: don't add too much or any onion to the sauce you wanna use as a condiment. ;/


I just did a math and every plant that germinated, was in the ground for 9 to 16 days, it's two weeks by the most. Even those sowed at the start of december are already growing but some from a month ago still don't wanna hook. I know chinense are the slowest but month? I am a little worried and dissapointed, don't know if I should sow more or wait, I don't wanna use all seeds at the start of my big journey... ;< But maybe that's not a good mentality. Maybe I should go all or nothing! (I would not have the space to sleep if everything germinated tho, that could be problematic!)

Non of Longhorns or Fatalis germinated (from 21.12), non of fruity ones (Lemon Drop, Pineapple, etc.... from 28th). I moved them all to the warmer place (around 23-25 Celsius) on 12th, so maybe I should wait another twoo weeks but for now I'm beginning to feel nervous.

So, Edit. 23/12/2023
I've just put some seeds in the ground, because I'm inpatient: Longhorn, Fatali, El Oro De Ecuador and all Ajis.
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Uuuu, look what I've found in supermarket (omg, it really sounds bad, I know, like... cheap, so cheap)!


It is HOT.
You have to go easy on me, I have zero experience with superhots. And this is not even a superhot! Habanero Red, is it a superhot? It is pleasurably hot, not like those stingy bastards from ornamental peppers I tried.
Yes, I sowed a few. Yes, I don't have space. Yes, I still wait for two different varieties I bought last time. . .
I know those sown (sowed, sown? I don't know, they don't feel right sometimes!) now or month ago will not have problems with rootbounding till march, when I will repot them into way bigger containers, so I feel good in this case. I kinda worry about others tho. I wanted to slow them down a little but won't pinching stimulate root growth? So, I decided to let them flower, this - in my brain - will tell them, ok, that's the end of growing, let's reproduce! And then, in march, I will repot them and look at roots, if it's gonna be really wild there, I will cut some and proportionally to that, cut some foliage and all flowers and fruits. It's gonna steal a month from them but feels just right. And maybe they won't need it.
We'll see.

Oh, yes, and those, beautiful Pedrosssess. Soon, we'll look into them.


I've repotted Stripeys, SR Peach and VGs two days ago and they've made their leaves so much bigger since, that's crazy.


SR Peach is too small for that but she was growing in a really, really small mini pot with bad ground so I felt bad and transplanted it (last pic in the back). I will do the same with Aribibis this weekend probably.
Still wait for the rest to germinate.

FV is so easy to hook in like, 5 days, I've put one in water (hydro solution for tomatoes). Will do pictures when it'll grow a little.


Spamming posts like crazy in the winter! HA! That's how it will be all year!


30.12.2023 - Pedros is in the soil! I hope at least one of 3 seeds I've harvested was fully ripen.

  • Name - sown - germ/qant - date of germination
  • Thunder Mountain Longhorn - 21.11.2023 - 0/4
  • Fatali Habanero - 21.11.2023 - 0/4
  • Sugar Rush Stripey - 22.11.2023 - 3/3 - 1, 2, 7.12.2023
  • Aji Lemon Drop - 28.11.2023 - 0/2
  • Aji Pineapple - 28.11.2023 - 0/2
  • Aji Mango&Aji Ayuyo - 28.11.2023 - 0/2
  • El Oro De Ecuador - 28.11.2023 - 0/2
  • Wild Brazil - 28.11.2023 - 0/1
  • Aribibi Chocolate - 02.12.2023 - 2/2 - 13, 14.12.2023
  • Florescent Variagate - 02.12.2023 - 2/2 - 11.12.2023
  • Sugar Rush Peach - 02.12.2023 - 1/1 - 18.12.2023
  • Half-Mystery peppers - september 2023 - 22/22 (+6 bigger, sowed in april)
  • Pedros - 0/3
  • Habanero Red 0/3
  • Pimenta Jolokia Ice - waiting for seeds
  • Dark Thai - waiting for seeds
I've found some small containers for the bigger peppers to make them some double-pots, I will train roots to go out and drink nutrient solution, that way they will have space to expand. Will have to break bottoms of containers in the springs but that's the problem for another me. :)
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I was inspired to put pots with seeds on a heater under the window and boom, habanero red sprouted a day after! And Aji M&A and Aji Pineapple and an eggplant Long Purple (which were sown last saturday - 30.01.2023)!
But Habanero Red! So fast! Fresh seeds are a key here, I see.


Aji Mango&Ayuyo didn't sprout after putting it on a heater, I lied, cause it was impressive list of FOUR peppers germinating at once! I mean three peppers and an EGGPLANT!
It did sprout tho and that's what counts here. And the story is exciting, because I pushed it off of the table and it fell and I was sad and took the ground from the floor and it was there, a white hook. So, I put it in the pot again but not all under the ground. And it got green and slowly, really slowly is opening now. YAY!

Aji Pineapple is just starting to hook, I wanted to take it off of the heater into the light but maybe tomorrow morning when it'll show itself a little more.

Aaand my eggplants! Cuties.


I didn't really wanna show bigger plants because they're trying to recover from aphids and their leaves are deformed and I'm ashamed that I didn't do the best work here. But they're starting to make little buds there, so, I will show!



I still do kill them manually every day and spray a little when I see some. Like there on the first picture, he exploded already. I exploded him.
It is less and less every day.


I was hoping for some beautiful FV peppers and I think I've got one which shows some colors but second one looks kinda boring.


I mean, there is some white from soda on the left leaf but most of it is variegation. Mild, really delicate but it'll get crazy, I trust.
Bigger one have to try a little harder tho.






Ok, so, what sprouted:
  • Name - sown - germ/qant - date of germination
  • Half-Mystery peppers - september 2023 - 22/22 (+6 bigger, sowed in april) - I think there's more than 22, ups. Like 25 maaayyybe?
  • Sugar Rush Stripey - 22.11.2023 - 3/3 - 1, 2, 7.12.2023
  • Aribibi Chocolate - 02.12.2023 - 2/2 - 13, 14.12.2023
  • Florescent Variagate - 02.12.2023 - 2/2 - 11.12.2023
  • Sugar Rush Peach - 02.12.2023 - 1/1 - 18.12.2023
  • Aji Pineapple - 28.11.2023, 23.12.2023 - 1/2 - 5.01.2024
  • Aji Mango&Aji Ayuyo - 28.11.2023, 23.12.2024 - 1/2 - 5.01.2024
  • Habanero Red - 30.12.2023 - 3/3 - 5,6.01.2024
What didn't yet:

  • Thunder Mountain Longhorn - 21.11.2023 - 0/4 - I'm sad, because this one and stripey were ones I wanted for sure...
  • Fatali Habanero - 21.11.2023 - 0/4
  • Aji Lemon Drop - 28.11.2023 - 0/2
  • El Oro De Ecuador - 28.11.2023 - 0/2
  • Wild Brazil - 28.11.2023 - 0/1
  • Pedros - 30.12.2023 - 0/3
  • Ramiro - 5.1.2024 - 0/2 - Yes.
Waiting for:

  • Pimenta Jolokia Ice
  • Dark Thai

Ok, so, I have too much. But I don't care. It will be alright. :)




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Ah, and about the amount - I will not put all of them on the balcony, only the peppers which were not listed as half-mystery. So, the ones flowering now I will probably leave under the light to experiment a little. Maybe some jalapenos will go onto the balcony, I don't really know yet, will see.
I want to have big ones there with hot and beautiful pods for harvest, sauces and everything else, FV and maybe some others will probably be in the hydro near my desk for beauty reasons and the rest in the room where they are already for all year season, experimenting and fun.
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Two of my chillies are flowering, and what a beautiful, big flowers are those!
From yesterday:

And today:

I think chillie the last picture started to close after one day, I pollinated all of them it with finger. I cross pollinated them, I couldn't help myself. This is the pepper from representative picture of this Glog.

Second one has bigger and stronger flowers and one of them (yes, left one, weird) smells beautifully, like some fresh green vegetable, I know this smell from some other plants I were once growing in the garden, it's cucumberish scent. They don't close up so fast.
I don't know what that pepper is but we will know soon enough!

From other news, seeds came, I've got free pepper! It's a Black Molten, I love the name, I love the looks.
I think I will grow two of those new peppers in hydro with FV close to my desk. Will think about something.

I started to work on a stands for balcony. Slowly. Few months till March, I think I will try to put everything together till my birthday (21st) and then move everything inside for colder nights. But will see how the weather will treat us this year.


  • Name - sown - germ/qant - date of germination, ..., ...
  • Half-Mystery peppers - september 2023 - 25/25 (+6 bigger, sowed in april)
  • Sugar Rush Stripey - 22.11.2023 - 3/3 - 1, 2, 7.12.2023
  • Aribibi Chocolate - 02.12.2023 - 2/2 - 13, 14.12.2023
  • Florescent Variagate - 02.12.2023 - 2/2 - 11.12.2023
  • Sugar Rush Peach - 02.12.2023 - 1/1 - 18.12.2023
  • Aji Pineapple - 28.11.2023, 23.12.2023 - 1/2 - 5.01.2024
  • Aji Mango&Aji Ayuyo - 28.11.2023, 23.12.2024 - 1/2 - 5.01.2024
  • Habanero Red - 30.12.2023 - 3/3 - 5,6.01.2024
  • Ramiro - 5.1.2024 - 2/2 - 1.11.2024
  • Pimenta Jolokia Ice - 10.1.2024 - 0/3
  • Dark Thai - 10.1.2024 - 0/2
  • Black Molten - 10.1.2024 - 0/3
  • Thunder Mountain Longhorn - 21.11.2023 - 0/4
  • Fatali Habanero - 21.11.2023 - 0/4
  • Aji Lemon Drop - 28.11.2023 - 0/2
  • El Oro De Ecuador - 28.11.2023 - 0/2
  • Wild Brazil - 28.11.2023 - 0/1
  • Pedros - 30.12.2023 - 0/3
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A little update, more peppers are flowering! Like, half of the mystery peppers. The other half is almost flowering, I didn't want to water them with hydro solution this time as Khang Starr sugested in some of his growlog videos (every other watering with solution) but I don't know if watering them only with water is not a wasted oportunity to just make them stronger.

I kinda regret not topping any of them also, the aphids ate a top off of one of stripeys and in a week it grew like 4 side branches. She looks stronger than the two of her sisters.

Some of the big peppers have their roots coming out of pots into second container with a solution/water. I've put the pots onto plastic bottle cups taped to them to make some space between for roots.
As for the aphids, I bought Siltac EC, natural insecticide to get rid of them because using soup and baking soda didn't work as well as I expected, and neem oil for future as precaution. I used Siltac today.

PJ Ice, Pedros and Dark Thai germinated few days ago, Black Molten showed his hook today in the morning, now it is free and green already. I moved Aji Pineapplea and M&A a day after I saw a hook and I think this stunned their growth but maybe they are just a little weaker.

I kinda lost hopes for everything what didn't germinate till now: Thunder Mountain Longhorn, Fatali Habanero, Aji Lemon Drop, El Oro De Ecuador, Wild Brazil. Maybe the seeds are bad, don't know. Have more of them, so I thought I will try the wet paper towel, as I will see what is happening all the time. I worry about the heater, have to see how long does it take to dry it. I've put it on some pages of folded paper to separate it from the direct heat.

My father came to visit me at Christmas and yesterday he had me order some Dorset Naga seeds for himself. He wanted a big and fast growing plant and seeing on yt that it is a great variety for competitions, I bought some from Chillichump. I will have a seed or two from him, haha.

Now I'm working some of my coworkers. I try to convert one of them for few weeks now, it goes reasonably fast, he was already very knowledgeable about capsaicin, so, it's almost there. Second one is a little harder, so I am more subtle not to scare him. He doesn't care enough yet. I will let him try my sauce one day. Oh, and the other one asked me for some good tomatoe variety proposition, so, I have to change my tactics with her! (Ofc. I had to tell Black Prince.) Next it will be neighbours.

I think that is everything. Few regrets, few things to try differently with next peppers. Next etap, enjoying flowering, fruiting and waiting for season outside making stands and hangers. And then mixing ingriedients for the perfect groud mix! And then watching everything eat everything and everyone alive.

Sorry for the wall of text without pictures. I'm tired and wanted to summarize everything I know now in a fast way, maybe more for my brain even than anybody else.

Have an epic day/night!

It's so warm I really have difficulty waiting till late March with some balcony work.

So, I've made this over the weekend...

Times 3!


Actually, I was gathering materials over few weeks now and somer of it was done long time ago, I've bought some boards couple days ago and this weekend was time to finish it. I've added some... stiffenings yesterday and finished them all. Now I have to paint it with stain and put on the balcony but I don't know if I can do this on workdays. So, for now, it's pain in the ass in the hall.

Also, I've bought some hangers today, I will build something to hang some peppers over the balcony.

This is my small handmade dirty hydro project with Florescent Variagate, Dark Thai Italia and Pimenta Jolokia Ice. I thought they'll make amazing trio with all those colors.

And this is my second, boring Florescent Variagate for comparison:

Way bigger!

I did not do what I said I will, I didn't let any pepper go to fruit, I pruned all of them. I've added second cup to all big ones, as I mentioned, and this is a result on some of them:

Roots came out of the pots only in case where second cup was shaped in a way that let water stay below the ground. And those peppers have made so much more progress before flowering again.

It's like few centimeters of growth and plenty of sideshoots.

Those where I have put the pot in the bigger one and let it sit on the bottom of it, water goes into the soil and roots are not as fast to go out. Those peppers just put some leaves and started to bud again. Pretty obvious but it's fun to connect the dots via experience.

Ok, so, this is a view of almost all of the station. O nthe left there are the oldest ones but they don't grow as much and some of them lost their foliage before and I don't wanna show it ;<



I try to put leaves that fall on the ground there. Plant has made those from nutrient and now it is going back to the ground, it's briliant.
I gathered some tree leaves couple of weeks ago, it's gonna be yummy in the spring.

Ok, so, seedlings!

Sugar Rush Peach and three Stripeys:

Aribibi Chocolate (2):

Ramiro (2):

Habanero Red (3, how different they look! crazy) and I think, I THINK, third Ramiro. I wrote HR on the pot and I don't know why, I think I was asleep then:

And the newborns:
top: Black Molten (2), new Florescent Variagate (2, this thing sprouts so fast, I am frightened), Red Bell Pepper (it had small pepper inside the pepper, I wanna see if that can be reapeted, there were more but just one survived, strange because they were really strong seedlings)
bottom: Pedros (2), Dark Thai Italia (1), PJ Ice (2)

And two of mystery ones, they were so small when I opened this glog, I think I didn't even counted them in the mystery count. They were as old or even older than those big ones from the glog image, but they were sown in the small and forgotten pot, dry almost all summer, they were like 3cm and stunted so much, they just started growing. There is a third one somewhere in the group photo but it's still 3cm. I think 1 liter pot is really not making it grow. Other than that it has the same grow conditions.

Oh, and there on the group phote on the bottom right there is a last chance I gave all of those seeds which don't wanna germinate! Third chance! Omg. I've made a dome even!

Aji Pineapple kinda died... I mean, it didn't but it doesn't even have cotyledons, it didn't open, I removed the seed but it didn't do anything for weeks and few days ago it wilted a little. I sown some seeds in the pot with it and it is under the dome, I think it's not wilted aymore but I lost hope anyway. Aji M&A is there also, it is so small, first true leaf is like 1mm, maybe half but it looks strong. It is under the dome with more seeds also.

That's it for now. I will edit thge list later today or tomorrow.

Have a great, wonderful and epic day, you beautiful soul!

Oh, and here, three eggplants, Long Purple. They look so cute.


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Sorry for not updating the list 😮‍💨

  • Name - sown - germ/qant - date of germination, ..., ...
  • Half-Mystery peppers - september 2023 - 25/25 (+6 bigger, sowed in april)
  • Sugar Rush Stripey - 22.11.2023 - 3/3 - 1, 2, 7.12.2023
  • Aribibi Chocolate - 02.12.2023 - 2/2 - 13, 14.12.2023
  • Florescent Variagate - 02.12.2023 - 2/2 - 11.12.2023 (2 more after that, both sprouted like 2-3 days after!)
  • Sugar Rush Peach - 02.12.2023 - 1/1 - 18.12.2023
  • Aji Mango&Aji Ayuyo - 28.11.2023, 23.12.2024 - 1/2 - 5.01.2024
  • Habanero Red - 30.12.2023 - 3/3 - 5,6.01.2024
  • Ramiro - 5.1.2024 - 2/2 - 1.11.2024
  • Pimenta Jolokia Ice - 10.1.2024 - 3/3 - 13.2.2024
  • Dark Thai - 10.1.2024 - 2/2 - 13.2.2024
  • Black Molten - 10.1.2024 - 3/3 - 15.02.2024
  • Wild Brazil - 3.2.2024 - 1/1 ~10.2.2024
  • Pedros - 30.12.2023 - 2/3 - 13.2.2024

So Thunder Mountain Longhorn, Fatali Habanero, Aji Lemon Drop, El Oro De Ecuador didn't germinate third time, that's sad, those were peppers I wanted to have from the start for the most part but it is what it is. Aji Pineapple died too, one of Habaneros died yesterday (I've watered it too much;<) so the number of deaths is 6. ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

But Wild Brasil sprouted! The Miracle!


And look at this M&A. She's growing tho! This leaf is all new!


And seedlijngs now!


And Florescents - one shows white spots, second doesn't. I see the pattern here.

And my youngsters (Peach, Stripey and others) - I've cut the top of the aribibi chocolate few days ago, maybe I shouldn't but we'll see.

And the mystery grown ups! They flower again, maybe we'll see some buds in upcoming days. I've added some calcium to the ground (mixed some eggshels) because they didn't wanna maintain flowers. They just started opening few days ago, I polinate daily. I try to keep the bottom of second pots wet to encourage roots out of the first one but don't wanna kill all my plants like the newborn habsy red ;<

Aaaaand a hydro project!

I cut the top of Dark Thai Italia few days ago, wan to wait with PJ Ice a week or so before doing so too.
Huhuhu, they're beautiful!


I finished stands, now I'm doing some hangbaskets.



Have 4 for now, almost finished 5th yesterday but I hurt myself a little, felt like universe didn't want me to do this at weekdays. I survived, dark chocolate is a must in my hause, so I have now my blood back. I'll make 8 of those.
Have to buy some ropes to make it safer just in case.

Ok, so, I will fit two 18l pots on one stand and two 12 liter pots onto a hanger. That's 6 big and 16 smaller pots and that's on one side of the balcony. I will put one 30 and one 35l pot at both sides and few 18s under the windows on the floor and few even smaller on sills (I think 3 for a sill, so 6 - I still have to buy some smaller pots, I think 10l).

I can't wait to start mixing some dirt!

Have few containers with kitchen scraps this year, will have to buy or hunt some worms ans start production of my own compost! I have one bucket from the last year but didn't look into it yet. Don't know how to get into mixing it with everything else yet. I know for sure I will play with it later.

I wanted to make some garlic, gingert and tumeric grow in dirtbags but my balcony is shaded at the bottom and don't know how much sun would get into them if I just put the bags under the stands. There may not be space for them. Maybe I'll fit some smaller pots on stands in between the peppers.

So much time, so many ideas, everything will change few times after few weeks into it.


I like making those things from wood. I kinda worry about weekend after next. What will I do!?
but there will be plenty of weekends full of dirt and work, so, it's good.

HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY/NIGHT, you beautiful person! 🔥💥⭐⚡☄️
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