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2023/2024, wiicek, Let's Make BalcoJungle!

Oh, I love watching that kind of stuff...
I am not too experienced in growing peppers, I used to grow some tomatoes but since I moved out from my family house, I didn't have space to grow anything. I bought allotment garden (I think that's the word, english is not my native language) but I can't seem to find time to care about it full time from march to october, it's not as near my flat as I'd want it to be but maybe one year I will make my life a little bit less messy and take make it work.
Now I live in the apartment with a balcony, it is at western side and in the summer the heat is kinda out of control. I think it will do! Oh, I dream of the jungle here!

This year I bought some chillies from the supermarket and, as I often do, I put some seeds into the ground. Don't know the variety, but I have a picture.


I don't have one with ripen peppers but it was red. One of them is actually orange, and one (or two - I don't know, it was not fruiting at the same time and I was constantly picking it) are sweet, also supermarket type - one is hanging on the bottom left there. It is 3 liters container and there is 6 of them in it, so harvest was small, but peppers beautiful and tasty. I ate a sauce made out of them already.

So, yea, I kinda wanted more, so, I picked some seeds, bought different types of chillies from supermarket again and gathered some seeds. I know I have a jalapeno, piri-piri and that's it from the names I know, but other than that I have 2 or 4 different types of hot ones (maybe cayenne and serrano) and one sweet one (on the picture), I don't remember if I sow a bell peppers also. I also found some ornamental ones and sow them too:


The purple one died after I sprayed all of them with soap - aphids. Orange and yellow are still alive but aphids and soap made them look miserable... But they're coming right back!


I don't know if I should take and shower them, they still have white stains from the soap and have sticky places from aphids. I still constantly get rid of them manually, it seems like there is always more to kill but less and less with every day. I do this daily or every other day now.

There are my seedlings!

They were sow so long ago, from one to two months but they didn't have enought light to grow. I've had them under blue light (grow light with two flexible sticks) but it seemd like it was too weak for them, so I added one with threee sticks and it started to grow rapidly.

After watering them and ordering them by height (and two days), the thingy looks like that:

Yesterday I repotted guys from the first picture earler.



It is 3 liters container and there were, ekhem, SEVEN of them in it! I dried them and made my first sauce (and from other chillies I bought for seeds then) and it was amazing! I think some of them are in my fermented sauce also. It was not a big harvest but yea, seven. I did use them good. One pepper is still hanging there, hah. It's a sweet one.

The last one was starting to wilt one week ago, I took it out but it was too late. I had my hopes but it probably is not coming back.

So yea, I have a station with blue (and red turned off) light and above it two one-foot shells which I light up with four (two for each) 2k lumens, 4k kelvins light bulbs. It seems like too much for my eyes but plants like it.

I planted everything into special mix for special plants (Cana terra), they will love it, I'm sure. I water it without fertilizers right now but normally I have my hydroponics mix for tomatoes and for every liter of solution I add half a liter of water because I've read that peppers like less of it. I'm in the middle of making my nettle solution for nitrogen, so they will be happy. For now I let them eat what is in that rich mix.

I am making them a station but for now there is nothing to show.

I LOVE IT! Aphids can f*ck themselves (and they surely do,s all the time, but I am coming for their children with baking soda mix if it will be necessairy), I am rolling now and it's gonna be amazing!

Edit. Oh, I forgot.... I was feeling adventurous and didn't put any labels on my trays, so now it is all the mistery! I really think I was tired and stupid then but it is what it is now, lol.
I bought some Sugar Rush Stripey, Thunder Mountain Longhorn, Fatali Habanero, Aji: Lemon Drop, Pineapple and Melon; and El Oro Equador seeds! Forst three came and are in the mix now, Lemon came with 0 seeds, that was weird, I wrote to the shop but they didn't answer, I bought some more somewhere else.

Let's make BalcoJungle!
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Nice! Looks like your jungle is off to a great start!
Thank you.
I see them starting to grow faster and can't wait to see how big they all can be.
I have this problem, in my head everything is about the future, I try to be in the now as much as I can but it's always "oh, I wonder how big it will be in september", "oh, I can't wait to see the biggest harvest!", "I want to make my own sauce NOW..., "hmm, need to overwinter few of the best ones, will I have a spot to grow them all year long?", "Let's make the table for the next season winter sowing", "Should I buy a grow tent?!", "I WANT TO BUY SEEDS NOW!"

I have to chill the fork out.
Enjoying the grow πŸ‘

Do you have a spot for the the tent?
You might not need a tent.
If you want to try setting up a shelf with lights and a fan to have some plants growing indoors , start seeds or whatever.

Also remember that bugs will want to come indoors with the plants.
Tents can be good for a controlled environment
But they are more work
Oh, and there's Pedros next to the bigger Pedros. It seems they wanted to be neighbours without my efforts.


I didn't notice it yesterday. I knew it's somewhere but I forgot.

At least I think the right one (with a fruit) is Pedros, it looks like the ones I bought and succesfully got to ripe. That was a nice accomplishment seeing that only 3 of them (from like 20) were not too green, the rest dried to almost black colour.

The left one is labeled Pedros, so I'll see if they're the same.
It's the biggest one here now, not counting the small purple ones in the last post and the usual thai (I think? what is it, do you know?) I have in those two smaller pots (I think 7l). I have plenty of this one everywhere, it's the pepper which took me into that rabbit hole.


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@wiicek You are completely, just like the rest of us. Normal πŸ€ͺ

"hmm, need to overwinter few of the best ones, will I have a spot to grow them all year long?"
Just added 2 Aji Charapitas, 1 Scotch Bonnet & and 1 Aji Chombo Amerrilio.

I never stop buying, trading & collecting seeds all year long.
Never stop adjusting my next seasons grow list.

I think about Peppers all the time. Am I nutz?

Enjoying the grow πŸ‘

Do you have a spot for the the tent?
You might not need a tent.
If you want to try setting up a shelf with lights and a fan to have some plants growing indoors , start seeds or whatever.

Also remember that bugs will want to come indoors with the plants.
Tents can be good for a controlled environment
But they are more work
About bugs, yea, I've made the mistake of cutting some wild poppies for a bouquet and aphids somehow survived till november hiden somewhere in my plants (there is no signs of them being anywhere other than on peppers tho) and all winter I was fighting them.

I have a table and did grow all of those peppers through winter in my room under the few 1000 lumen bulbs with aluminum foil everywhere. It was not pretty but the green was fun!

And I have an old dishwasher where I was keeping them at the early stage with blue and red lights. I think the grow tent could easily replace it.


I'd probably look for a way to make more shelves in a tent.
@wiicek You are completely, just like the rest of us. Normal πŸ€ͺ

Just added 2 Aji Charapitas, 1 Scotch Bonnet & and 1 Aji Chombo Amerrilio.

I never stop buying, trading & collecting seeds all year long.
Never stop adjusting my next seasons grow list.

I think about Peppers all the time. Am I nutz?
Thanks <3 🀣

I couldn't buy and look for seeds all year long because I would not stop myself from sowing them. Or even if I would, it'd be like 50 different varieties till the autumn and I CAN'T DO THAT. We all know how would it end.
It's July! 🀯 :fireball::hell::hell::hell:

Here you have pictures of all the fruits, still small but appearing at really high rate, I love it so much!

Peach! There are so so many... 😍😍😍


Fluorescent Variegated but not variegated:

Ramiro - last time I named her Pedros, but she said no:

This should be Pedros still:

Bell, maybe red, maybe yellow... Maybe orange! More germinated but I am not a fun of growing them, so the rest is somewhere in small tiny pots (in my mind it's not as fun as growing other peppers, but maybe I'll stand corrected):

More cayenne, I am so proud of this tree, this one was growing in a double bucket in winter and it's so obvious that it's at advantage (and it grew in like half liter bucket, not more!):

Jalapeno, I think (I see only one jalapeno for now, I wish more have germinated! I think I sown more than one but can't remember what happened):

This one I don't know the name, can't even say if it's hot or sweet, don't remember...

Dark Thai Italia, I think:

More cayenne:

And small tiny Ramiro, at least thats' what tag says, we'll see...

Strawberry tomatoes!

Overall look:


Home set-up with hydro basil, few FV, PJ Ice and Dath Thai Italia. Left FVs are in pots, not hydro...

Habanero, Dorset Nagas and all the Stripeys are still flowering or in case of Stripeys thinking about flowering.

All tagged "LP" - it was a name of an eggplant - look like Aribibi Chocolate, so, I will call them that from now on, and they are almost flowering. The 35l poot one is starting to grow big, but is still like 10-15cm high. Same with 18l Black Moplten, wchich is even smaller. But I have high hopes for them both.

My Dark Thai Italia in 12 liter pot has weirdly deformed flowers and pods.

Flowers have petals curved like a dress on a windy day and pods... well, cool and monstrously deformed, like something tried to reach them from another dimension. That is fun. Dark. Thai.




I think it may be from fertilizing, rain is rich in some stuff and I also give them some onion peal water or banana peal water every week or two and I just gave them some seaweed yesterday (onion and banana was the other wednesday maybe). And the bonemeal should start decomposing already...

Or maybe they are just cool and I should look at them more, let the Abyss show some more...
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I just noticed that the pots I was calling 18l, are actually 20l. I don't remember how did I get the idea of them being 2l smaller than 20 but it was for sure real in my head for 10 months or more. If I'd smoke, it would be really a good moment to. :high:

I did some pictures few days ago, 13th of july, but something happened and nothing got posted. So, today it's EVEN MORE PICTURES. :woohoo:

What a cool guy! He's life was short but appreciated!


Aribioi Chocolate was 5 days ago almost as wide as the pot (pot has 44cm, but I am just being goofy here, it's not growing as wide as it could, sun is shaded there so it is going for the right side and small leftover tomatoes in a pot way too small for them AND a small arabica are blocking the left half of a pot anyway, so, it was ALMOST HALF THE DIAMETER OF A 44cm POT!)


And today even MORE ALMOST AS WIDE AS HALF OF A POT! πŸ˜‚ Nah, in fact I think it's bigger now and will start making pods soon.


FInally, Pigmenta Jolokia Molten Black went high up then but today I see buds! I did the photos on a different angle and now I see that the second one looks like way bigger... And maybe it grow so much, it's hard to say lol.



The rest one aren't a comparison, because I just did some different fun pictures then and today I wanted to show you the habaneros and dorset nagas, the rest was just fun, again.

13th of July

Stop and look at them DANCING, like wtf, really. I love their passion. We should all live our life like that!


Dorset Naga, it had only few small pots after loosing flowers for some time, I think I have made a mistake before and put it closer to the left, where my balcony door is, so I could see it all the time but the sun there is just deadly for her. Now it's coming back to normal, the shame she is the last one to set fruits (not caunting Stripeys which, I think, just forgot for a moment what it is about, it happens to the each and every one of us sometimes, I love them anyway, whoever and whenever they wanna be)!


At least I remember them smaller then................


Dorset Naga in a smaller pot!


Didn't have plenty of them but were bigger than scorched sister.


Bells! I wrote Bellas, so maybe I should call them that! BELLAS!


Pedros, funnmy how he goes sideway like that. Cool. I think the influence of The Dancing Queens of The Abyss few pots away on the left is too strong to resist. Also, pots hang there a little... askew? I didn't know the word for 29 years of my life. But it gives them only more force to resist!


Meanwile, Ramniro, The Giant is resisting The Ripening. I think he is getting wider now, because I've made him stand on the ground there like a week or two ago. There are more of them higher above him but not as big, they are coming tho.


Jalapenos, oh, I really like their look. One of Ramiros in a bigger pot is actually a Jalapeno also, so, I am really glad I have more than one. I did sow one few weeks ago and he is now few cm big with few set of leaves already, so, even more. I should make a picture and show it at the end!


I have so many I am the proudest of, oh. Peach. Look. She's my princess.


Habanero. They were tiny but cute! I don't want to think about the nasty beasts they will grow into one day. Eating hot peppers like this community does all the time... too scary for me. I like it hot but with my pasta or seasoning my sandwiches or hot dogs! Or, probably, just anything.



Omg, they look so cool and big on the pictures. Not that they don't look cool for real but when I do pictures I'm always like "oh, man, people are showing way cooler pictures!" and now I see the magic of isolated view on a computer screen!

WO. Ok.
18th of July
I love summer now.

Jalapeno I was talking about earlier! And the smaller one in the background is there too!



Oh, and when we're at this... Ok. I did sow something. And I don't know what. :banghead::clap:


I mean, I know the tomato was The MOST BEAUTIFUL yellow, so big and so tasty with the shade of red going from the bottom to the top, stripes but delicate and only few of them. I DIDN'T TAKE A PICTURE OF COURSE. And it almost didn't have seeds so I don't know what will grow out of it but damn, it was beautiful.

But the rest? Look like peppers but how the fuck so many. I don't get it. Maybe it was in the soil I've got out of the compost... I don't know what was thrown out there, nothing special tho. But I have to say, they look incredibly healthy and beautiful as an army. Cuties.


Stripey, finally flowering... The leaf there screamed "nooo, look, it looks better with me!" like 6 times so, I did a picture. Flowers of Sugar Rushes look so delicate and pretty with that green there (I kinda always think they have aphids but I just were fighting them for too long - ladybugs ate them all already, I think).


I will have here some pictures here and there showing how big they are.



That tip here. Wow. It made me do this post finally.


Habanero today. It's starting to showoff!


I am falling in love with that one every time I see her.


Bellas are probably gonna be bigger than I thought, they already are almost half the diameter of the supermarket ones. AND THIS ONE GROWES UPWARDS, WTF?!


This is my Cayenne Jewel. Love him.


This was a big one!
Thank you all for visiting, hope it was cool, had good vibes and you enjoyed everything!~

Have really wonderful rest of a day! <3


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