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4th Annual Secret Satan Gift Exchange

The Hot Pepper

What is Secret Satan?
It may seem odd to do a Secret Satan around the holidays, but this is not tied to Christmas, instead, the season of giving, and includes everybody! And we are talking hot sauce here people! The devil, satan, and all kinds of evil, we are used to the connection.
So here's how it works!

If you are in the helliday spirit:

1. Reply to this thread with "Hell Yes!"
2. DM me your address and await secret recipient* info and instruction.
3. Afterward, prepare your recipient's "hot sauce related" gift of $20-35 USD value. Make it special based on their personality. You may shop or send something from your collection, etc. You may assume a retail value for anything homemade. We cannot approve of homemade goods (food products), so if you do decide to send, this website is not responsible.
4. Post your goods in this thread, letter optional. The letter template will be sent with the instructions.
*You may receive an international address but I will do my best to pair accordingly.

Can we # people for a 'tickle' to join in or how does that work? I am socially medially inept....
Good start, 5. Any more?
6 is good.

10 is better!