free 7 Pot Savannah - In memory of Dustin (Nagacanario)

Alright John! Unfortunately, I checked yesterday and still got nada. I'm not giving up yet though. Maybe there's still hope!
Same thing here, nothing yet but hope is on the rise once again!!!
I have one sprout that died. I also have three new sprouts that are very small but are healthy. I don’t know if I’m going to get any production this year but I’m praying that I will. I will for sure over Winter at least one plant to get an early start on next year. I will keep all of you posted.
No sprout for me and molds are starting to appear on my Jiffy pellets so I'm pulling the plug... Would be very grateful if one of you guys (@wrinklenuts, @midwestchilehead) could save seeds and set some aside for me. Best of luck with yours, will be following your progress.
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I have one survivor so far. The helmet head didn't make it. Like wrinklenuts, I don't know if I will get any production this season, but I will overwinter as well and be happy to share any seeds I get.
Ditto what Bou said. I'm gonna pull the plug as well. Good luck you guys. Fingers crossed.
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I didn't know this guy, but it sounds like we would have gotten along great. Here's the Presa Canario I have right now. Used to breed them like 10 years ago. My buddy Travis is still breeding off of our old lines. This dog is from frozen seven from a 1990's dog that Richard Kelly had named G'Kar.
G'Kar Jr. de Presamania


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Hey thanks for posting this, sadly I heard from him I think a few months before he passed away. Was a good dude. I may have some old seeds of those laying around in my collection from many many years ago. He had some peach pods too that came from the late Jack Chapman, my close friend who passed away from brain cancer, AKA Superheat on here. It was the peach bhutlah.
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