free 7 Pot Savannah - In memory of Dustin (Nagacanario)

Hello. My name is Christopher Jain, Dustin Jain's(Nagacanario) brother. I would be very grateful if someone could send me some seeds of the '7 Pot Savannah' pepper. Thank you. I really enjoyed reading this. It definitely means a lot to me to see this. Me and Dustin were very close.
Send me your mailing info please!
@wrinklenuts - Received my seeds today. :woohoo:

Congratulations on your successful grow and Thank You for sharing seeds. This pepper has a fighting chance at survival, mainly due to your efforts. Awesome job! :cheers:
+1 ☝️
Great idea @Guitarman!

Kudos to @Bou for getting this going. Maybe
keep this going with a dedicated thread in the
Glog section (or somewhere) guys! This kind
of stuff is what I love about THP.

Sending a PM - I'm in Spain, but would happily pay postage as well.
@wrinklenuts - I screwed up, and shouldn't have asked you to send them to Spain. I really apologize.

I'm going to PM, and want to see if I can reimburse you the postage from the first envelope and possibly cover the cost for a second attempt, though to a family address in the US (though please don't feel any obligation at all). We're going to be there in early June, so it should work better that way.
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