heat Another contender to world's hottest pepper in the news

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Another article about the guy

Here's a video of a NPR person eating it. Its funny actually. :rofl:
Looks more like a Trini Scorp Butch T to me. It's got a real shiny surface and lacks the pimpling Cappy's Brain Strain has.

This guy sounds pretty serious about this. I like the fact that he's sampling the soil along with the peppers. Smart.
“He’s tаkеn ovеr my house,” Linda saіd. “I married а gardener. Now he’s а farmer.”

Seven plants yield 400 seeds. Now hе haѕ mоrе thаn 5,000 plants аnd “47 species thаt arе totally minе.
I call BS. and no, I'm not talking about the Brain Strain.
How can a man who doesn't know the difference between a variety and species, creates so many stabilized varieties and even achieve a world's hottest?

My bet is it's an already existing chile. how hot is it? well, that depends on what chile he tried to make his own.