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Anybody else growing cannabis?

Uncle Eckley

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We've had legal homegrow in Virginia since the summer and I've been having a blast. I run a little 36x20x63 tent and have been able to provide a modest abundance for myself and some family. Just switched from a three-plant staggered autoflower cycle with individual reservoirs to one big reservoir so I can run autos or photos.
Anybody else post your rig?

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Something ive noticed that happens each nite. Around 1 hour before the LEDs go out the leaves droop a little. By the time i get up the lights are on again and they all look normal.

They also seem to love about 4 hours each day in real sun. I wait till around 11am and bring them back inside around 3pm. Then back under the lights.
Really happy with the way "she" looks. Got to stay positive when its looking this nice. My White Widows are starting to fill out a little but my RKO are having a problem with being a bit leggy. I will get a couple pics outside later.

Triple Sec update pics for now.


On a side note i got some Alaskan Thunder and its exactly the strain i like. Mostly sativa with a strong citrus and pine smell. That will probably be the next i try if i can get some autos at a fair price.

Uncle Eckley

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I never realized this scene has its own serious taste and smell notes. 😳 But why not. Love it. Please do more.

There's an incredibly broad array of flavor/aroma profiles. Folks have been selectively breeding these plants for literally thousands of years and today there's everything from toy Chihuahuas to Great Danes. I prefer the fruity flavors - apple, blueberry, strawberry, grape, mango, pineapple, etc. You develop a palate for it like with wine.
Only need to hang the door and snug down a few bolts for when they are ready. Im assuming i should slowly reduce the light each day to match my 14ish hours of real light when i move them outside????? Im not running any autos atm.
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I'd usually gradually acclimate them to the power of the sun but it sounds like you already have been. just watch for the heat, keep some ventilation going in the greenhouse.

what are you running them indoor? 18hr?

it wouldn't hurt to bump them down a couple hours every couple days to avoid triggering them but I have never had a problem. my lights usually run during the night so going out is usually just a really long day for them, which they do not mind.

Uncle Eckley

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Careful knocking down the photoperiod to match your daylight hours, may start them flowering shortening the day like that. I mean, how fast does the day shorten in the fall?
This sorta shit is why I like autos.
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what are you running them indoor? 18hr?
The lights come on at 7am and go off at midnight because like a dummy i did the math wrong. I have not changed a thing yet on the indoor lights. I just take some plants outside each day for 4 hours. I have to keep them up on my upper deck for now which is not a problem unless someone sees them. As long as they are secured and out of public view from ground level its legal. I might get Durbon Poison auto next. I tried an 1/8th of it from Humboldt seed stock and loved it.

I got another Woozoo oscilating fan. I leave it on all day and it goes off 1 hour after the lights go off. I should have the outlet run for the greenhouse within a week or two. I have a couple window type fans around here that will tolerate anything but getting rained on directly. I also have a few rolls of UV reduction screen for windows. Im thinking about making a "screen door" for the greenhouse . I got tan fabric pots also to reduce the heat a little.

SO my math says i need to knock down the indoor lights about 3-4hrs SLOWLY to match our actual day light hours. Its either that or deal with upto 6 plants indoors until each one is ready to go outside.
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Hey Unc, howz about posting up more of your delicious pictures. You know the ones. The ones that make me wish I didn't live in the most RRRRR fascist state in the country.
Got some better closeups today of the Triple Sec (dispensary 1/8th seed). No resize on photo upload if you want to zoom in. I think i got a lady and she loves fish emulsion. Got MorBloom cheap too for later.







Going to top the 98 Aloha WW fems in a couple days and try to clone the topped part. Rooting gel will be here by Monday.
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