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I use to be somewhat into astronomy. I had an orion skyquest xt8 dobsonian. Not the fanciest scope but it had enough power to see cool stuff. I actually have mine and my wifes name on a microchip (along with over 400k other people) on the osiris-rex spacecraft thats on it's way to rendezvous with the asteroid bennu. It's a cool little thing that the planetary society put together a few years back. It launched in september of 2016. The craft is currently around 40 million miles from earth I think. It's set to reach bennu this year sometime. Heres a pic of them attaching it to the craft. Pretty cool.


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I was thinking about something last night. Concerned black holes and branes, Lets imagine a brane from another universe forms a black hole and connects to our universe. The ejecta would be nothing like we have seen since all particles have passed thru a singularity, and have been stripped of any resemblance of their former selves (ie everything we know about particles are ripped apart). I would speculate at those energies, even quarks would be broken down. They arrive into our universe bare. Could this be the dark matter we think exists? I guess the essential question is does a black hole rip thru the fabric between universes/branes.
They say 80% of the universe is Dark Matter, as\lso that it is the glue that holds the galaxy together, like a gravity. Haven't looked at Black Holes in many years just remember they give off X-Rays, their are White Holes too. Haven't looked at this subject for a long time.