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Moon last night Jan 15. Solid clouds predicted for the next few days.
Those moon shots are awesome Dragonsfire! So crisp, clear and full of detail and I'm impressed with how clear the craters and features are defined near the full phase. You should do one for every day of the lunar cycle. What did you use to capture those?
Unfortunately, I'm very busy with work atm so no going to my dark sky sites (and grilling for that matter :( ) but on the plus side, the cash is rolling in for some new toys :D Got me a pair of Nikon AE 10x50 binos for some casual sweeping of the Milky Way in the evenings, and well early mornings when I wake up for a piss. Sky is stunning after a few hours of dark adaption in bed! My only regret - not trying binocular astronomy earlier! 
Unfortunately the weather has become such that observing is now rare, clouds dominate and when not the haze is such that you cant observe any galaxies.
Telescope is 8" Dob and Camera an ASI120mc (astro Cam)
Sun is another one that has become rare to watch, sunspots are rare now for the last few years. right now a rare sight of small spots. these also taken with the ASI120mc camera. Taken yesterday.
Theirs a great book called "Turn Left At Orion" a great guide to observing with binos and small telescopes.

dragonsfire said:
Awesome !!
You have pics to post of captures?
Na man, I'm purely visual. I do sometimes sketch though, and write up observing reports. 
Once I tried to take pics of the moon by holding my phone up to the eyepiece but bloody hell it is nearly impossible. I might get one of those smartphone cradles.
WOW!! Your pics are just mindblowing Dragonsfire, thanks for sharing! Reminds me that I should take the dust off my old Galileo G118DX and have a look up there. Now living at the edge of town I will probably miss the almost pitch black nights of my first house...