Baker's Peppers HUGE Giveaway/Contest !!! Ends 7/4/12

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he sure does seem to be keeping us in suspense. Odd there's nothing on his website about such a HUGE Giveaway/Contest!!!


Yep you'd think a company that was holding a giveaway to repair their image would be sure to make things run smoothly and in a timely manner to show they have their act together -- Sure it is a free giveaway and we all appreciate that aspect but if there is no sense of urgency in dealing with a free giveaway then how much effort is put into other aspects of the operation ( and yes there is some leeway since he is preparing for a vacation but he is the one that decided to run the promo on a holiday in the first place so if he wanted the time to spend with family and friends then why not hold the drawing after the holiday or after returning from vacation in the first place ) -- And if something has come up to delay things why not come post and explain things so everyone doesn't have to continually check this thread for updates with no word.

Sometimes even a free giveaway can hurt business.
You must read it differently than I do. July 7th to the 14th.

Today is July 5th
Yes I must have misread it then, sorry about that armac

Jdfan, not trying to stir up the fire but there are things such as technical difficulties and family emergencies, we don't know if it's either. Haven't been payin attention to the weather where he lives but in va people still are without power and Internet from a storm that blew through. Things happen that are out of our control sometimes.
"Posted Yesterday, 11:00 PM"
When I made that post yesterday, guess who was one of the "users reading this topic".

I was sure he was prolly writing a big post and I would see it this morning.

Hope everything is O.K.
Yes I must have misread it then, sorry about that armac

Jdfan, not trying to stir up the fire but there are things such as technical difficulties and family emergencies, we don't know if it's either. Haven't been payin attention to the weather where he lives but in va people still are without power and Internet from a storm that blew through. Things happen that are out of our control sometimes.

True -- but if he can get on to post that he has done the drawing and will be posting the video in the afternoon of the 5th -- he can surely find a way to come back after that passes and post that something has come up and delayed things (EDIT : even more so now that Gotrox mentions seeing him on last night and his profile shows him on last at 6:50 this morning !) -- if it is weather related it might make things more difficult but still should be possible to at least update the status. (After all his website is still functioning and not down) -- Also I think what is making some wonder even more is he has already mentioned that he will not be around this entire week so we may be waiting awhile to find out the results ! (which is fine if we could just be told that this is when the notification will come)

I guess I'm just getting too old and still expect businesses to be run like a business instead of a hobby.
IMO you wouldve thought that the ones you'd piss off wouldve gotten it immediately..and have others wait for the thrill.. instead.. the wait continues..and if i read it right.. may take 1-2 weeks before shipping...oh well..
YY - why are you making excuses for the guy?

Look, i was not a part of the drama that caused this guy to host an "apology contest" in the 1st place but as a participant in it I find the lack of update to be extremely off-putting. Especially after he came in a few posts back (on the 4th) to tell us that he already drew the winners and now knowing he's been on twice since.

It'd take 30 seconds to post the winners here, where he ran the contest. Then later he could post the video "proving" he honestly picked the winners (which could so so so easily be faked anyway - just keep videotaping until you pull the "right" winners, edit, post)

Using a good-will/apology to run a ridiulously long contest in obvious effort to drive up site hits as a promotional vehicle while keeping contestants in suspense long after results were expected really rubs me the wrong way.

I officially withdraw my entry. If I won, please send my winning package to THP (the site admin).
Way to serious is a free giveaway and not concerning. Shame on you for puting your nose in the air stating that if he has time to post about holding the drawing then he has time to post an hosts his website, so if he is without power it wouldn't affect his site....he could be dead for all you know. Chill out. This disgusts me. People always coming around deflating the fun out of everything. Well I'm not letting you have it this time! Let's keep this positive! Life's too short to waste your time bickering about something as trivial as this! If not....maybe you need another hobby...patience is a virtue and I'm feeling virtuous! Come on baby the king needs some pods to burn on!
Thanks King! I was getting concerned that maybe I was off base here! Sure, I know what started this giveaway.....but still, it's a "giveaway"! A chance to win free things! I guess maybe because I haven't "won" all that many things in my gives me a certain degree of patience. This should be for fun! I'm perplexed at the complaining about timing. Sheesh - I've waited months to see if I won something (neva did, but still...the hope that I might was fun!). Most of us AREN'T going to win anything, so there ya went and got all antsy for nothing! Anyway - choose to have fun...or not.
Actually it's my lack of caring or taking it seriously that is my point 3/5.

Don't be disgusted - if I get strung along and kept in suspense, I start to care. Withdrawing my entry removes my interest and allows me to remain carefree. As it is, following this is giving me a negative vibe so I'm out.

He might not have power! (he's been online thrice since saying he drew the winners) he might be dead! (again, dead people don't lurk topics) he might have turned into a zombie! (Braaaaains!)

I just don't see how there's any excuse for him to not simply 1. Post the names of those who won when he said he was going to, 2. Post them here rather than trying to drive up traffic on his own site, or 3. Post to us saying "hey sorry all, my adopted opossum got caught in the washing machine again" or whatever is causing him to not live up to his word on when he said he'd announce the winners.

I think that's a pretty reasonable expectation. After all - he's the one who set that expectation.

Whatever - good luck everyone.
@3\5 king and Chile Juju -- Sure it's a free give away but as I mentioned even a free give away can hurt a business -- If I'm dealing with a company I expect professionalism in everything they do. Sure it may not be important to stick to a schedule for a free give away (though If it were me a schedule is still a schedule and any delay would be dealt with quickly and those involved would be notified of the possibility of a delay before the deadline arrived !) - to me missing a scheduled event just indicates a lack of professionalism (which is what this whole give away was designed to overcome in the first place) and makes me wonder if I do business with them and they say I will get a product by a certain date will I actually get it timely. If they can not hold to a schedule for what they call a large give away to repair their image then how does that reinforce that they can stick to a schedule for a product I order ?
Lucky is correct in at least one point.
It's a business, and if a business can't keep a posted schedule-----free give away or no, that gives a consumer pause when it comes to ordering product.

In business, there are sometimes unaviodable delays and the proverbial monkey wrench gets dropped in the works. A proper way to handle these things is to immediately inform all involved.

An example that is a parallel.

Where I live, most everything I purchase comes UPS or FedEx.
About 1/3 of the shipments get routed incorrectly in Vegas.
I am thrilled and exited watching my package progress through various facilities, counting the days until delivery.

Until it gets misrouted in Vegas. Then the thrill is gone and it's a "whetever---it will eventually arrive".

The important detail to note-----I have no other options than UPS/FedEx or I would be using them instead.
There is no need for people to get so uptight about this drawing!!! However, it would be quite courteous if Dale was to leave a reply as to whats is going on here. But if there is a reason why I would be understanding of it.
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