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contest BEGIN! Burger Showdown Throwdown

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ten fidy murdered-out potato buns

1 can ten fidy stout
1 pound high-starch (max: russet) potato
5 tbsp potato water
2 tbsp unsalted butter
2.25 cups bread flour (i used kind arthur unbleached)
2 tsp instant dry yeast (i used 1 packet of active dry yeast)
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp salt (i used extra-fine himalayan pink salt)
1/4 tsp cuttlefish ink
ample black sesame seeds
egg-wash egg, milk, salt, and black sesame seeds

* adapted and made more awesomer from american's test kitchen

1) wash, peel, and section ample potato into 1" cubes
2) place potatos on range with almost enough filtered water to cover them
3) add a half-can of ten fidy stout, and bring to a boil
4) after boiling for a minute, reduce to a simmer for 8-10 mins, then verify softness to the center's
5) collect 5 tbsp starchy cooking liquid - careful, it's hot!
6) pour off the remaining liquid, and return pan to range to dry potatos over med-high heat
7) run batches of cubes through the spaetzle-maker or potato ricer until you've captured 8 oz
8) combine 2 tbsp butter with hot mashed potatoes
9) combine dry goods (yeast, salt, sugar, flour) and add to the potatoes
10) mix in an egg and the starch cooking liquid, and combine, and then transfer to mixing bowl
11) using the dough hook, knead for 8-10 minutes on the lowest speed setting
12) while kneading, add a little bit of cuttlefish ink, more ten fidy, and/or tiny amounts of extra mashed potatoes or flour until you are happy with your dough
13) dump out, shape, and place the dough in a greased container, graduated is helpful, then press it down to remove any trapped gas
14) allow the dough to rise for 30-45 minutes, until it approximately doubles
15) dump the dough out and form an approximately 8" round, and section into 8x (what i did) or 9x (recipe) pieces
16) roll balls to try to create some gluten development, despite that they are exceedingly tacky - wet finger-tips help
17) cover and allow 15 mins rest
18) place on parchment paper as 3.5" rounds, and allow to proof (covered) for 30-40 mins, increasing in size, to approximately double (i didn't get a true doubling)
19) pre-heat oven to 425F
20) make an egg wash of an egg, a tbsp or so of milk, and a pinch of salt
21) uncover rolls, brush on egg-wash, and sprinkle with sesame seeds
22) place in oven and bake for 16-18 minutes on racks in the middle and/or middle-upper position, turning the pan 180 degrees along the way
23) remove and transfer to a rack to cool, and then relish in your success

black tar beer cheese

170g cabot oaked sharp cheddar
24g citra ipa
44g 2% lactaid milk
17g clarified butter (ghee)
5.1g sodium citrate
2.3g extra-fine himalayan pink salt
.43g sodium hexametaphosphate
1/4 tsp cuttlefish ink

* adapted and scaled from chefsteps

1) heat ingredients to 167F, or until cheddar is fully melted
2) stick blend, or blend otherwise
3) pour into mold
4) wait 8 hrs
5) release, and sing internally "black velveeta, and the little boy's smile"

benton's bacon wheel

1x pck benton's bacon
1x pck moo gloo rm formula tranglutaminase

* inspired by a youtuber

1) spread out bacon
2) sprinkle with powder
3) roll-up in sheer delight
4) wait 4-24 hrs
5) section to your heart's content

mushroom vichyssoise

1x medium leek
1x large vidalia onion
2x large russet potatoes
4x tbsp salted butter
8oz pkg white mushrooms
3c chicken bouillion
2 tbsp corn starch

1) sweat onions and leek, do not brown
2) thinly slice potatoes and mushrooms
3) bring all to a boil, then reduce to a simmer
4) removed 1 cup stock liquid
5) make corn starch slurry with a quarter cup cold water
6) stick blend

akorn config

205F start
fogo organic lump
applewood chips

benton's beer-glass smoked mushroom vichyssoise burger with serrano beer cheese

3/4 lb pat la frieda 100% shortrib ground beef
5x slices of benton's bacon
~1/2c vichyssoise soup as above
black tar beer cheese as above
homemade ten fidy potato bun as above
texas creek jalapeno salt

1) smoked at 205F for 45mins
2) bacon flavor wheel removed
3) cheese added to rim
4) smoker temp increased to 230F for 45mins
5) brought inside to rest 15mins
6) searzall halved bun
7) assemble and slice








It tastes like Cracker Barrel meatloaf - that's the best example that I can think of if I have to liken it to something else ...
Yeah, smoked meatloaf topped with mashers and pepper cheese ...
Instead of the onion being in the meat, it's in with the taters in the soup ...
It's cheddar, so it tastes like cheddar with smoked serrano ...
The exposure it tricky ... the better the vichyssoise and meat look, the more the cheese and bun looks washed out (gray) ...
Daylight would have been nice in that regard, certainly ...
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