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FreeportBum said:
The BUM'S Drunken Surf and Turf Taco Adventure with a KISS
I Hadn't planned on TD'ing last night but half way into my bottle of pussers rum I said eff it dude let's go bowling   :rofl:
Fresh Maine Lobster Steamed and meat removed from shell
Grilled Avocado
Grilled Shishito Pepper from the garden
Fresh Garlic from the garden 
Pickled Red Onion
Champagne Vinegar
I would have like to used flank/skirt but already had a couple nice ny strips
Corn Tortillas
S/P steak then gently grill over hardwood lump to your desired temp. After the steak is done toss on your Avocado, Shishito and tortillas to get a little color. Assemble your taco in anyway you like. I went avocado,shishito,steak,lobster,pickled red onion, when the tortillas came off the grill I rubbed them with a couple cut cloves of garlic. 
Shot of the lump getting ready
In the patch snagging a shishito 
Here's where I started to TD a whole different half way into that I remembered I had the weber going for some tacos....true 
No fancy final shots -  just me hanging over the edge of my deck getting ready to smash that taco into my pie whole- no plate
AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Damn no comments on this taco of Maine Lobsta love with beef Holy Hell  :onfire:  Looks  Killer FB :hot:
Well had big dreams for this one. Started cooking at 10 pm pulled beef at 5 am wrapped and into cooler with towels. pulled the pork butts 12:30 pm. wrapped and stored till dinner at 4 pm.
hahahahaha ok i'm laughing because this turned out to be one of my best cooks of all time. The beef was done with gray poupon mustard cracked black pepper and garlic and onion powder and sea salt. the pork was done with a brown sugar spice blend of my own the other butt was done with garlic, lime, achiote paste, olive oil rub Amazing. Cooked 235 hickory and cherry mix.

OK this was cooked for a group of disabled Vets at my local VA. I forgot to take pics of the beef because i was taking it off at 4:30 am and was not awake. Then by the time i wrapped all the items and transported to the event. Well i simply forgot to take finished pics of the meals. But the guy"s and Gal's went crazy. So i'm bummed i didn't get to show my stuff, i'm happy that all these wounded young men and women could enjoy it all. I'm wiped going to take a nap  Heather and I helped clean up this morning and am still receiving calls thanking us for the food.
So here are the few pics Heather took sorry gang really wanted a piece of this one .  :P  Get Ya Next Time.
Thegreenchilemonster said:
Tacos de Barbacoa, Tamales de Elote, y Chiles Rellenos

Barbacoa de Cachete

4 lbs of beef cheek
1 onion
3 bay leaves
1/2 teaspoon of cumin
1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon
Half of a head of garlic
2 teaspoons of salt, or to taste

Have your butcher slice all of the cheek meat from the cow. Depending on the size of the cow, you can get about two pounds of cheek meat per cow. Trim the majority of the fat from the outside of the beef cheeks, then cut the cheeks into 2 inch by 2 inch chunks. Put the cheeks in a slow cooker, along with a diced up onion, half a head of diced up garlic, the bay leaves, the cumin, the cinnamon, and the salt. Slow cook this for at least 8-12 hours. The meat should just fall apart. Take the meat out, and place it in a dutch oven. Strain all of the broth from the slow cooker into the dutch oven with the meat. Shred the meat into strands. Put the dutch oven in the oven uncovered at 350 degrees, for an hour and a half, or until most of the broth has evaporated and soaked back into the meat. Serve this on a tortilla with fresh pico de gallo.

Tamales de Elote

12 corn on the cob
10 tablespoons of butter
4 cups of corn masa
2 cups of sugar
1 tablespoon of salt

Start by shucking the corn, then rinse and clean the corn well. Start some tamale husks soaking in warm water. Using a knife, de kernel the corn, then add the corn kernels to a blender. Puree all of the kernels of corn, then add the puree to a big mixing bowl. Add in 10 tablespoons of melted butter, the sugar, the salt, and half of the corn masa. Mix this very well, then add the remaining 2 ups of corn masa, and mix well. Wrap the prepared masa in tamale husks, tie them up, then steam them for two hours. Make sure to stack them in a way that the steam can get to all of them. Serve with some creamed green chile on the side, or smothered.

Chiles Rellenos con Crema de Chile Verde

18 Hatch Green Chiles
6 cups of canola oil
4 eggs
2 cups of flour
4 cups of grated queso asadero/oaxaca
2 cups of crema Mexicana

Peel the roasted skin off the green chiles, then de seed them. Leave the stem intact, and try to only make one slit in them, so that you can stuff them. Save 6 chiles aside for the sauce. Stuff the chiles with the shredded cheese, and wrap them up. Whip up the eggs, then dunk the chiles in the whipped eggs, then coat completely in flour, then fry in the canola oil, until the coating of the chiles becomes golden/golden brown. Add the crema Mexicana, and 6 deseeded and destemmed green chiles to a blender. Puree this well. Put the cream from the blender in a saucepan, and begin to simmer. Add in 1 cup of cheese, and once melted smother cooked chile rellenos with it.


Well darn, there goes my chile rellenos.... I guess i'll do something else.
Hard to compete with those. Looks tasty. 
Two more hours until I get off work. I still have to marinade, grill, roast, chop, ... ok, everything before it gets dark. 
It's like the brain in anatomy class, uninspired until the teacher grabs it and breaks it in half and you see all the layers and workings to where you appreciate it. Otherwise what are you seeing? Skin? It's the same with food, and now I want brains.
grantmichaels said:
I thought TGCM was cooking brains the other night ...
Cabesa de Vaca ...
I would have been down to do the whole cow head, cooked buried in the ground in coals, like they do in northern mexico. I've had it that way before, and it's really good. There is no way I could convince my wife to let me dig a pit in the yard, and bury coals and a cow head in it, though.
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