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contest BEGIN! Savory Chocolate Throwdown

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The Hot Pepper

Happy New Year!
There's some things I am working on for making TDs better, and better rules, but I wanted to kick this off first!
Savory Chocolate
Dinner entree with chocolate/cocoa. No breakfast or dessert. This is about using cocoa in a savory way, it may also be sweet but must be part of a savory dinner entree overall.
You may serve with sides that do not need to incorporate cocoa/chocolate, but if you wish to serve with an app or soup those must incorporate cocoa/chocolate.
The chocolate must not be hidden and must be a main part of seasoning, sauce, ingredient, etc. Remember this is Internet voting, if chocolate is only mentioned and not seen it may not fare as well.
NEW: PM me the link to the final entry. You can get the link URL by clicking the post number.
10 pics max per final post
PoL: .15
Ends Monday 11:59 PM ET
Must include a hot pepper ingredient.
Post as much as you wish in this topic; teasers, etc. but:
To enter the TD, please reply to the TD topic with:
a) A name for your creation.
b) A list of all ingredients used.
c) Recipes that include preparation steps, cooking methods, times and temperatures, etc.
Your entry must include a hot pepper ingredient.
In order to prove that you made this meal for this TD we ask that you post a Proof of Life. PoL = a monetary amount stated at the beginning of the competition that must be shown in one of your pictures with coins or bills, in your country's tender. It must be a picture that shows the majority of  ingredients used, so, it may be your teaser, or one of your final pics, but change by itself or with just one ingredient does not count.
Reminder: Send me the link to the final post or it will not be included in the poll. Thanks!

The Hot Pepper

spicefreak said:
I'd love to do some chocolate curry but, between setting up my 2017 grow and formulating this month's blog recipe, I sadly do not have the time. You'll probably see what I would have entered somewhere down the line though.
Masher said:
If weather co-operates, maybe tomorrow....we are supposed to get snow all day and turn to freezing rain. 
Just might have to sideline this match.
excuses are like...
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