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contest BEGIN! Show Your Heritage Throwdown

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The Hot Pepper

zdecker presents...
Show Your Heritage Throwdown
Your dish may be:
  • Something passed down for generations.
  • A "new recipe" based on a passed down recipe. Basically, tweaking/modernizing a recipe to your liking.
  • Something that you grew up eating that may not be directly tied to your ethnicity or culture, but you consider it a part of your heritage because you grew up eating it.
  • Something you always wanted to try tied to your heritage.
  • Something you want to research now, so you can create a newly discovered dish that represents your heritage.
This is a dish that represents YOU and your upbringing, whether it is new, old, or modernized. The basis of this recipe is your heritage!
Unless you grew up eating amazing food you feel you need to recreate, the idea here is to bring the dish to a new level, not replicate it. How do you interpret this dish, while keeping within the confines, all while adding to your heritage? Remember, this is a competition.
To enter:
You MUST post a story with your entry on how this relates to your heritage.
Exact measurements appreciated, you can ballpark certain ingredients. 
Bonus: More than one heritage dessert, and there will be a separate poll for desserts. All the same rules apply! You know you grew up with a heritage dessert! Whether it was strawberry shortcake, banana pudding, or just scoops of rocky road. Well then let's see those fully homemade, even the ice cream!
Yes, you can do both, and it's encouraged.

READ: The 5 Rules for an eligible entry
PoL: .90
5 final pics max.
Oh I just copied that from the last TD, but yeah that works. :)
They are separate posts so yes.




Essegi, WTF! :shocked:
You have man-made quartz counter-top's in what American's believe to be the land of endless granite (natural stone)?

That looks like Cosentino Silestone, I believe ...
Sadly I can tell which quartz I'm looking at from the particulates ...
That's the thing about TD's, there's always hurdles to overcome ...
That's why you get a crown - in fact, it's the very symbolism of the crown ...
It means you did the work, all of it - usually ... and the winner often does it against additional troubles or difficulties ...
You have to have a good idea, you have to work - because someone else will, and you have to execute of course ...
But then, then you need to sell it through your post, pictures AND text, and possibly even spend the next day campaigning for it - almost like a thesis defense against the hater's and naysayer's ...
There's a huge contingency of folks who will vote in favor of a turd-transformation-style winner, too, so you can always rock that out ...
You'd be amazed how far some chicken wings will take you around here, done well, w/ the rest of the above ...
It's a good thing.
The Hot Pepper said:
Some of the best meals come out of necessity. 
This. Totally ...
I was going to do spaghetti pie,what a shame. Guess I still could but I woud have to go to store and do it tonight,that sounds terrible.
grant everyone do have hurdles,Im finishing my barn by myself so unless I can get a bunch of thp volunteers I dont have time this weekened. I have to have all insulation done water ran and sink on the wall before monday afternoon. I woud be out there now but I mowed today and insulated all day yesterday. Im tired and this will be my last break until sunday afternoon for band rehearsal and thats work.
Dang I wanted yall to see my pie
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