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contest BEGIN! Specialty Hot Sauce Throwdown

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The Hot Pepper

HOT SAUCE MAKERS! This Throwdown is all about the sauce. The sauce is what makes the meal here, and we are taking this from the perspective of a manufacturer, meaning, if you were to bottle this, it would be a marketable specialty sauce. We're using this angle because this is a hot sauce community with members that like to tinker with sauces for fun, and professionally.
  • You must make, from scratch, a specialty (hot) sauce.
  • You must create the dish the sauce is intended for.
What is a specialty hot sauce? It is ANY sauce with hot peppers that is made for a specific food or dish. Think vindaloo, mole, jerk... if bottled these would be called specialty, but come up with your own, or put your spin on a classic. Don't just make a BBQ sauce, if you're making brisket, make a brisket sauce and tell us why it's best on brisket. Pork chops? Apple hot sauce? You get it.
It may be cooked or uncooked, and served hot, at room temp, or chilled.
Take us through the process in your teaser pics.
You must list all ingredients of your specialty hot sauce, including measurements.
You must name your specialty hot sauce. If you wish to go as far as graphics, even better.
Presentation pic 1 is the finished hot sauce either bottled or in the pot, in a bowl, etc.
Presentation pic 2 is the dish you cooked (or prepared) for the hot sauce, with the hot sauce.
Ingredients and cooking methods of dish required.
You can make two entries ONLY if one is a dessert (hot) sauce. AND if more than one is entered, there will be a separate poll for the dessert sauces, so two crowns will be given! Same rules apply. Separate post.
READ: The 5 Rules for an eligible entry

PoL: .55

ENDS: Sunday 10:00 PM EDT
This is for fun and to turn people on to your creations, obviously, do not enter a product you are actually marketing unless you want to give out your recipe.


Getting started quickly... key kicks it off again!

Phil is in it to win it!
Don't forget to write down your measurements (everyone)!
drat! Who measures when they're cooking throwdown style???? Approximate measurements logged.
It's only listed in bold :lol:
Key - I just gotta know...what are those pretty pink scaly potato looking thingies????? I have a guess, but....pretty sure I'm wrong.
I'm in!  Here's my sauce!

Chile Juju said:
Key - I just gotta know...what are those pretty pink scaly potato looking thingies????? I have a guess, but....pretty sure I'm wrong.
those are white dragon fruit CJ! found them at the market.
Holy crap! I was right! Except I've never heard of "white"(and never seen a Dragon Fruit! haha)....pretty cool score there Key!!!!!
Can't wait to see what you do with it! :)
SL's got some shallot chicken stock wine garlic cream sauce thing going... with capers.
Entry #1
Baked potato topped with the usual.... butter, cheese, kosher salt, fresh cracked red and black pepper, sour cream, and home grown chives.
Sauteed mushrooms
Blackened shrimp
Filet mignon topped with lump crabmeat sauteed in butter and fresh garlic, tossed with lemon juice, all nested in our homemade steak sauce.
The Sauce? Oh you wanna know about the sauce? Well let's get to the sauce, then!
It's called Phil and Allie's Courtyard Surfin' Turf Sauce, made with:
1 cup of worcestershire sauce [Lea & Perrin's, of course!]
1 whole creole tomato, diced
Half a large onion, diced
2 cloves of fresh crushed garlic
12 chiltepins
3 red chilis
1 small red bell
1 tsp kosher salt
1 tsp white sugar
1 tbsp honey
approximately 1 tsp fresh lemon zest
1 tsp fresh cracked pepper

Sauce was cooked until the vegetables were tender, then immersion blended until smooth and reduced to desired thickness


Entry #2 will come tomorrow because I'm too full to walk now!
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