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contest BEGIN! Super Bowl Throwdown

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[SIZE=36pt]N’awlins saints’ [/SIZE]
[SIZE=36pt]Creole pasta jambalaya & Jacked up muffalata[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]New Orleans football parties are more like feasts than finger foods. I asked all my friends what they were serving for the Superbowl and indeed, everyone was having big time meals on a buffet line. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]Pasta has made it’s way into Creole cooking replacing it with rice often these days so to keep up with the pace I’m presenting Pasta Jambalaya. Of course there is nothing more New Orleans for parties than Muffalatas. You will often see them on mini buns these days but I prefer the big loaf and just cutting it down to size.[/SIZE]




[SIZE=14pt]Pasta Jambalaya[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]12 oz of Frozen Crawfish tails[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]12 oz of Frozen Shrimp tails[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]1 lb. ham from last night’s dinner[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]2 tbls. Chili powder[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]1 roasted poblano peeled and diced[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]5 cloves of garlic minced[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]1 tsp cayenne[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]2.5 tbls. Salt[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]3 cups of flour[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]5 eggs[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]1 lg. onion diced[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]2 bay leaves[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]1 tbl of Hot Stuff’s Spice mix[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]Take 3 cups of flour, 4 eggs mix and make a dough. Put through pasta machine to make fettucine noodles.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]Take 1 tbl of bacon grease and sauté onion first, then garlic, then poblano. When onion starts looking brown add the diced ham. Generously put spice mix on shrimp as you’re waiting for the veggies to saute’.  When veggies are done add 3 cups of water or stock. Add the rest of the spices. Bring to boil. Add shrimp and crawfish. Bring to boil again. Add the fresh pasta to cook in the water and bring to boil again.  Simmer on low till it thickens.[/SIZE]



[SIZE=14pt]Jacked Up Muffalata[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]1 Italian Loaf with Sesame Seeds[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]½ pound of HyVee Olive Salad[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]½ pound of Chicago Olive Salad[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]1 poblano roasted, peeled and diced[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]6 oz Mozzarella and 6 of Provolone Cheeses[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]6 oz Mortadella[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]6 oz Genoa Salami[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]6 oz Capocolla[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]Olive oil[/SIZE]




[SIZE=14pt]Mix the two olive salads and add the poblano and let it sit in the fridge[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]Sprinkle olive oil on both sides of the bread[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]Cut the loaf in half and layer it with cold cuts and cheese. Top it off with the olive salad. Put a pizza pan with a dutch oven top in the oven at 350 for 10 minutes. Take out and cut into bite size pieces.[/SIZE]
No name, just some smoked beef cheek tacos
Houston Texans, BBQ Tex-Mex
Beef Cheeks, White Onion, Jalapeno, Roma Tomatoes, Lime juice, Kosher Salt, Pepper, Garlic, Avacados, Pecan Wood
Smoked the cheeks for a little over five hours.  Temps ranged from 225 – 250.  Roasted the tomatoes and jalapeno and blended with the onion for a quick taco truck salsa.   Made a quick guacamole. 




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