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contest BEGIN! The Dual Burger Duel

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D3monic said:
Holy sht grant, that's a lot of info to process. I love the bacon, it sounds like it would have been really good. The meat grind I imagine is really good too. 
How was the vanilla sugar on the bacon? sounds like it would be heavenly with some thick ass hot cakes. 
I think my track record on burgers speaks to how much I love them ...

So I was blown away when it was everything else that stood out to me ...

The beignet-battered onion is so good, and so easy, since the batters is mixed with plain water ...

The slab bacon was killer, perhaps unsurprisingly though? ...

The cheese was a surprise to me - it was really good, and I'm funny about funky cheese ...

I lost the Andouille in everything, and my mayo too, but I have to say - burger vinaigrette is pure baller ... that's the diamond in the rough for this TD.

So. Good.

Good times, thanks to hot stuff for making it hard! ...

We were hysterical here earlier, D and I, playing the Bruno Mars vid ...

Brew-mode engaged now, though. I'm going on a meat diet.

potentially bad link on the burger vinegeratte link? took me to some weird page... 

don't mind that i'm playing farm simulator 17  :rofl:
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