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contest BEGIN! The Dual Burger Duel

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Wife said it was the best burger I've made, not certain I agree but it's def in the top 3








Hot Stuff's 5 Spice Hamduker Tower of Fulfillment



[SIZE=18pt]Burger Patties[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18pt]3 lbs chuck[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18pt]2 ducks deboned[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18pt]5 tbls. Homemade Chinese 5 Spice[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18pt]3 tbls. Sugar[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18pt]2 tbls. Honey[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18pt]2 tbls. Salt
10 Thai Peppers
Ducks’ skin[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18pt]½ cup of oil[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18pt]Muenster cheese[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18pt]Cover the cut up meat with the spices and let sit for two hours. Pass through grinder 2 times. Render duck fat from skins until crispy. Add 1/3 cup of fat from this to the ground meat and mix. Form patties by placing ground meat into soup cup to form. Dice up Thai peppers and press into burgers. Add cheese slices to burgers for 5 minutes before removing from heat[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18pt]Cook on grill till done.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18pt]3 cups of flour[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18pt]1 cup sourdough starter[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18pt]1 cup rye[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18pt]Caraway seeds[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18pt]1 tbls. Sugar[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18pt]1 package of yeast[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18pt]1 cup of water[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18pt]Take starter, rye, sugar and water  and mix. Let sit for several hours. Add yeast. Wait another hour. Add flour and mix till it doesn’t stick to side of bowl. Cover and wait till it doubles in size. Knead, roll into ½ inch and use same up as burgers to cut out buns. Sprinkle caraway seed onto buns. Heat oven to 400F and wait. When temperature is reached add buns to oven for 20 min. Spray with water at 10, 15 and 20 minutes.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=18pt]1 Large Potato[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18pt]Oil from cooking duck skins[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18pt]Hot Stuff Secret Reaper Spice Mix[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18pt]Using a grater box, slice the potato into chips. Cook in oil until brown. Place on paper towel and dust with spice mix.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18pt]The Burger[/SIZE]
[SIZE=18pt]Cut buns in half and apply hoisin sauce. Add romaine lettuce, raw Vidalia onion slices, sautéed baby portabella mushrooms. Then burger, then repeat and top off with fried potato chips.[/SIZE]

Mediterranean Gator Burgers
While not truly Mediterranean in origin, the spices and spread make this more Mediterranean then anything else.
1 lb. Gator meat ( thank you SOS)
1 egg ( very small farm fresh)
Mediterranean spice blend ( rosemary, cumin,coriander, oregano, salt)
Black Pepper
Small dash of olive oil to add a bit of fat to a very lean meat
Bread crumbs to help hold it all together
Grind meat ( not the most visually appealing meat I have ever ground)
Mix everything into meat and form into patties


Cook Bacon


Spicy Goat Cheese Spinach Spread
8 oz Crumbled goat cheese
Two big hand fulls of fresh spinach
Salt and pepper
Just enough whipping cream to help make creamy
1 med jalapeno pepper chopped
Blend in blender till creamy and thick

Burgers Two Ways, Two Days
Burger #1

Homemade Pretzel bun
Wasabi slaw
smoked boarshead bacon
Patty (ribeye and chuck, stuffed with wisconsin cheese curds and smoked over cherry)
Pulled beef ribs
Brown ale bbq sauce featuring Puffing billy from around the bend brewing. 
Fried Poblano pepper with panko, parmesan, romano and asiago cheese
Bacon aioli 



Burger #2 

sesame seed bun
Cucumber dill aioli (mayo, fresh dill, cucumber)
thin sliced red onion
smash patty (ribeye and chuck) seasoned with black pepper and tony cachuras 
Gouda cheese
homemade quick pickles with pequin x goatsweed
Fried portobello mushrooms
Boursin garlic and chive cheese. 





hun khói cá hồi banh mi thanh trượt
Smoked Salmon Banh Mi Sliders

The burger patty is smoked salmon, the rest is all banh mi ingredients, so trying to stay traditional here except it's smoked salmon sliders.
For slider buns I chose White French Rolls because these are slider size and similar to the Vietnamese baguette used for banh mis (from French Colonial days) which is more airy than crusty, like these.
  • White French Rolls

A "quick pickle" of shredded carrot, dikon radish, and sliced jalapeno
  • White vinegar
  • Turbinado sugar
  • Warm water poured over, and cling wrapped
Common to the banh mi is mayo which is often flavored. Here we have:
  • Organic mayo
  • Barrel-aged soy sauce
  • Lime zest (lime is traditional to Vietnamese food)
  • Fatalii powder (spicy banh mis are common, I chose fatalii for the heat and citrusy profile)



Salmon patties
  • Minced salmon
For the patties, it's Faroe Islands salmon, which is free swimming salmon from the channels of the Faroe Islands (Demmark). Skin and mince with a knife until like ground meat.
Brine/Cure (post-mince):
  • Water
  • Sea salt
  • Barrel -aged soy sauce
  • Turbinado sugar
After curing remove excess liquid and mix in mayo as a binder (NO bread crumbs here, and mayo is eggs and oil, perfect for this). 
  • Brined salmon
  • Tablespoon organic mayo
Form patties in cling wrap. Pop in freezer and macgyver a blast chiller with ice packs until the patties SET not FREEZE. When set, unwrap and smoke the salmon patties over apple wood. No need to flip! They are smoking not grilling, and will form a beautiful crust.

Lightly toast the buns and assemble:
  • Homemade mayo sauce on top bun
  • Cilantro on top bun
  • Salmon patty on bottom bun
  • Pickled ingredients on top of patty
  • Red hot sauce (Sriracha is common, but I chose a fave, Hellfire Bay Hab-Burn from Australia!)




Slider 1

Slider 2

I could eat a six pack!
Smoked salmon is one of my fave foods, you don't want to bog it down with heavy flavors you want the fish to shine, going with the vibrant fresh flavors of banh mi was a win for me!
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