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Decent drop of an Italian dry red. Contributed to the tomato sauce for dinner, and was a pleasant way to wash down the final product.


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"Sensei (Double Dry Hopped) is a Triple India Pale Ale & the BIG brother of Master of Karate! Sensei is fermented on our house yeast then hopped with Mosaic, Amarillo, & Galaxy. Notes of citrus, mango, pineapple, & pine with a creamy mouthfeel. Think candied oranges."

So frigging tasty and smooth for over 11%!


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My wife wanted to try a specific cider at Arabella Park but it had already dropped off the list by the time we got there.

I did a quick flight of some funky stuff and she tried the other two ciders on tap. A weird Ontario law says that unless a cidery has more than 6 acres of orchard they can't have a tap/tasting room. It sometimes makes tracking down and trying certain craft ciders difficult.

Left to right although I drank them right to left ;)




The oud bruin was a true sour in the rodenbach vein. Southern migration was very tropical. I have been wanting to try a dominion city brew for awhile now. The old soul was just straight up fantastic. I really enjoy wild ales.

I'm making some aji de gallina for dinner, and sipping this badass stout. Oddly enough, I'm getting a bit of that root beer aftertaste that THP was getting from a stout he had a week ago, or so. I did have an insanely hopped TIPA(Sensai), right before this.

THP, did you have a juicy IPA before that stout you were talking about?

I wonder if there is a lingering hop alkaloid from a certain type of hop, that blends with a bourbon barrel aged stout, to cause a root beerish flavor.


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