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music Best Reggae

John browns body ... katchafire (a new Zealand reggae band) and bob Marley. Lee scratch Perry ... Max Romeo and the upsetters ... Peter tosh ... so many good ones ...
awesome :) im a big reggae fan myself. i have my own workshop built soundsystem with 2000w of bass speakers :) its enough for my house to shake like crazy when im playing some reggae/dub.
Seems more Reggae fans have come a board while I've been gone !! Respects to all .

THP ...... Bad Brains !!???? Dem naw Reggae .... just cause them sport dreads doesn't mean they play Reggae. Wolves in sheep's clothing me 'think. But if
you dig 'em .... play dem

Would someone be so kind as to tell me how to post a YouTube video when they have time. I seem to have forgotten how..... and have a few tunes others might like.

Peace ,
P. Dreadie
Dreadie - I click the share on Youtube and copied the http and click "link" on THP and put in the address. Maybe an easier way but it worked for me.

Black Uhuru