Bikini and Trinidad Scorpion!

You seemed to take it pretty well Nicole, but with all the wind, I couldn't hardly hear anything.

Yeah It was tough to film... this was filmed on Scotts phone though, so for a phone its really good quality!! I didnt realize the wind was THAT crazy until we watched the video later... my hair is wild and its so hard to hear...

Dont worry... I will be doing it again...

xo nicole
HaHa I'm a student so I don't have the best insureance, so I dont think doing the whole bottle would be the best idea lol....

My appologies about the video, this is why I will do it again, but maybe in the summer (school just got canceled today bc the snow over here!) But I do have 2 friends that said they would do it with me, and possibly one more.

Honestly, I dont think it was that bad bc I took it like a shot. It burned my throat and that is what stayed burning but my mouth, tounge and lips werent very effected.

You gonna swish it around a little more next time? And don't think some of didn't catch "the comment" in the video!! lol I saw both of ya'll kinda smile. :lol: