greenhouse Building a greenhouse

rebelgrower3 said:
No you have to buy the shelves separate and they are $50 each. I can make shelves like they sell and probably build 5 for what they want for one.
You really don't need them anyway. Maybe one table in there for focusing on a plant at a time and something raised to keep the pots on. I like to be one on one with the plant on a table, you really notice everything that way.
After getting some hail with wind yesterday that punched through a couple plants I think I'll be picking one of these greenhouses up.

Must be a popular model... They are out of stock on Canada right now.

Sidenote: I'd be curious what a light meter reading would be inside the greenhouse compared to outside. In the pics Ive seen the material looks very opaque but seems to produce a very bright, but soft light, inside.
"I'd buy that for a dollar!"

Joking aside I would definitely buy it.

Its bright inside it for sure. From what I have been able to find out it blocks UV light out and let's good light in. I wish I had a light meter but sadly I don't.
Well the day after i put the greenhouse together and got everyone in there i had a medical issue. My appendix ruptured and tried to take me out. I was in the hospital for almost 2 weeks due to the infection and my insides had abscessed then i was bed ridden for another 2 weeks. I almost lost everything due to 100 degree temps and nothing was getting watered. Lucky for me my wife stepped in and started watering everything best she knew how. She doesnt garden so she tried her best. She saved most of the greenhouse plants and 7 of my indoor plants but i did lose my Bubblegum7 babies and my Douglas because they were young and in small pots so they went to pepper heaven. The plants lost most of their leaves and yellowed up really bad during this time but im happy to say they are rebounding very nice. I have flowers and buds all over the plants but now the night time temps are dipping into the 50's and im worried they will not pod up until i get a heater in there to keep the temps in the 70's at night. I will get pics up today they are getting pretty big and look happy so i hope i can overwinter them and have some trees in the spring.  
Glad you are feeling better.
I have the same GH only smaller.
My peppers overwintered great last year without any additional heat source.
Hot and Happy Harvests,
Thanks bud I wish they could have produce this year but next year I'm hoping for monsters. I'm looking into those garbage things you put rubbish in and they come haul away. They look to be made of a breathable material and might work as raised beds. They only cost $30 and I've seen them at Lowes.
Thats it bud i think they would make great raised beds.

Here is a Tabasco plant i have its almost 6' tall and 6' across. For reference the poles are 4' tall.

Here is a yellow bhut thats not making as fast of a recovery.
are you worried you'll lose a small amount of sun each daybecause of the fence?  Or the headache weeding between the GH and fence will be? lol
I'd love to have an actual greenhouse.  I bought a small 4 tier on 75% clearance last year for the deck but it's pretty much useless.  It's nice for hardening off but that's about it.