greenhouse Building a greenhouse

Thanks dogshow next year should be much better I've had medical issues this year that really hurt my gardens. That picture of the Tabasco plant was taken about 7am the other morning so the sun was just popping up they get about 8-9 hours of direct sun everyday. My greenhouse sits against the fence but that side is not shaded long. The way it sits about 9am the sun hits it full on. I put it there because the sun comes up right over the top of it and sets on the side away from the fence.
things are looking good,glad you got your health deal done with :dance:  i had my appendix took out the day befor my 8th birthday. it ruined my party and i was in the hospital on my b-day all just a little sic dude.  stupid appendix!
Ok everything is doing great I'll post some pics this afternoon. They are blooming like mad now all I have to do is keep them warm this winter and I'll have trees by spring.

Just wandering if it will be better to leave them on the ground or build something to keep them off of the ground. Not sure which will keep the containers warmer.
    Greenhouse looks great. Your plants are coming along nicely considering you were unable to tend to them for an extended period of time. Glad to hear you're back on your feet. I can't wait to see the update pics.
Ok here we go please excuse the tore up landscape fabric im getting ready to cover the floor with rubber mulch.Sorry for the blurry pics the fan was on.
First is the yellow Bhut that wasnt doing so well but has alot of new growth and is coming along great

Red Bhut

Butch T

Chocolate Habanero
Your plants seem to be doing ok Rebel, i do see some yellowing of the bottom leafs but if i do remember right they got over water right? not a problem they will bouce back...
Just the opposite they didn't get watered or feed for almost 3 1/2 weeks. They are podding up great now and getting the green back in them slowly.
Awesome stuff dude, how old are those bhuts?
A greenhouse like that won't last where I live, it would be a few hundred metres away from where I put it. The wind absolutely demolished the mini one I had. I'm gonna build one my self when I can make room in the yard. Timber frame with transparent plastic half walls and roof.
How much was the total cost for the greenhouse. I was thinking of something similar but couldn't find a way to keep it warm cheaply.
I received it free but they are less than $400 for the one I have. I'm still working on how to warm it but I have been looking into some ceramic heaters that have fans in them.
Use this handy, dandy greenhouse heater size calculator to determing what size heater you should use.
If you are going to use a little electric heater for heating, look into using a ThermoCube. The fancier heaters will not turn on when the power is applied, they have to have a button pushed as well. The cheaper ones work better with the ThermoCube.
Something to help keep the greenhouse warm during the night, and even out the temperature spikes during the day, is thermal mass. Use this thermal mass calculator to help you determine how much, and of what material, your thermal mass should be.
Get yourself a remote temperature gauge. This link is to a mid-range gauge. The more fancy the features, and the greater the range, the higher the price.
Something you can do right now, with little or no money, is to eathier elevate the plants by placing them on a table (hot air rises, cold air sinks), or, keeping them in the pots, mulch heavily around the base of the pots.
Good luck with the greenhouse and enjoy.
Thanks Snarg good info. Well started checking plants today and seems I have an aphid problem in the greenhouse. These are a ways from harvesting anything so I am spraying them with Ortho bug b gon to eradicate the problem. I also bought a tarp today as a base for when I apply the mulch. We went to Memphis today and found a place that carries fox farms ocean forest soil so I'm buying as many bags a week as possible getting ready for the new plants I have started and getting ready to start. I plan on growing 100-150 plants this season so I'm going to need alot cause I'm using 10 gallon root pouches.
Ok I have 20 young plants almost 3 weeks from seed and the leaves are turning purple. I'm guessing it's from the 600 watt light can someone confirm this? They are on the outskirts but still getting alot of light.
Most likely a suntan only Rebel...
How much space are you giving in between the seedlings and the 600w light? Might inch it up, just to be on the safe side...
In my experience HPS doesn't cause leaf purpling. I don't think the spectra that cause sunburn are in HPS light as much as in natural sunlight. HPS does cause stem purpling for me.