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Burgers? Hell Yeah!!

Hey y'all looking through the sacred THP scrolls it is apparent that most awesome of foods is sorely neglected. That's right chidren's, I'm talkin' about BURGERS!! Sliders. Pub burgers. Fast food style burgers. Gastro burgers. Cheffy burgers. CHEESEBURGERS!!! Single and double meat. Triple meat. Extreme burgers. Man vs. Food burgers....the list is endless but y'all get the idea.

We won't go into the endless arguments of who created the first hamburger (Fletcher Davis) or what meat qualifies as a burger. Nonetheless....here are the rules for posting in this soon to be awesome thread:

1. Any meat goes. Beef, chicken, pork, lamb, rat, fish. Whatever, hunt it down and kill it with a knife. Its all good and I've included the options other than the traditional beef so all the kids can play in the pool. If its ground and round, its all good.

2. The damn 'thang has to be between 2 slices of bread or bun. White bread. Brioche. Sourdough. English muffin. Whole wheat. Its got to be bready. No wrap crap or wild pizza dough like chingaderra's.

3. Any cooking method goes. Grilled. Broiled. Griddled. Steamed. Deep fried. Zippo lighter.

4. Because I love to ridicule to no end tree hugging granola wimps and hippy's.....
Veggie burgers are all good. Just be prepared for the woe and gnashing of teeth and smack talk that will soon come if you post it. It will be all in fun and all good.

5. You suck at cooking? The only thing that would suck more is if you posted pics of your restaurant burger. For the sake of keeping the comedy rolling...
Any burger you didn't cook or you bought is allowed and is all good. Warning: while allowed, posting pics of BK burgers or their ilk with a splash of tabasco will bring upon you the most ridicule and insults. Even more than a veggie burger!

6. Chile's and/or hotsauce is mandatory on the burger. ON the burger, no crap on the side.

7. Pics are mandatory. No posting about a burger you made or ate without pics. You will suffer extreme ridicule and experience much loathing. Just don't do it.

8. Include a list of condiments and toppings. Mayo. Mustard. Onions. Cheese. Extract of male baboon spermatazoa. Whatever. Post it.

There it is y'all. Can you get down brown with it? Allrighty then...


Here's mine. Sliders. 80/20 ground chuck from Matador Meat Market, Frisco, Tx. Cooked over fine diced yellow onions in cast iron using the smash technique. Toasted Pepperidge Farm slider buns with mustard, the onions, dill pickle and jalapeno pickle slices. Kraft brand American Plastic Cheese.


Adult beverages are encouraged in the pics but not mandatory. Dig that awesome cast iron crust sear!


So bring on your burgers. And that means those damn Aussie's and their stinkin' beet root too!!
PK that's an awesome sear on that burger. Personally though I think you manhandled the meat too much and is much too compacted. I like to be liking a looser texture. Having said that, there is no arguing about the final money shot....its hot blue and righteous! That gorgeous oozy goozy cheeze is perfect.


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dont worry girl,we going to have epic meals going on in april. the grill will be on fire!
What up chidrens? Got my burger bromance on last night. I spied some blue crab claw meat at the store yesterday for cheapness and reckoned it was about time for a seafood burger. Label said it was all claw meat. Yeah right. And I'm Lucille Ball. Picked out some shell crackin's and got the crabbage into a mixing bowl with diced onion, one egg, cheapo bread crumbs, S & P, and about 3 or 4 Tbs of Huy Fong Chile Garlic sauce. Lately that stuff has been like heroin for me. Whirred and stirred and rosie palmed 'em into Black Betty with just a little canola oil on medium heat.


She's black and beautiful and she has crabs....


Toasted slider buns are perfect for gettin' next to teh crab. Topped these burgers with a generous lime squeezin' and pleazzin'
and chile garlic slaw.


Truth be told y'all, I dropped the hammer on these burgers pronto and inhaled them like a Black & Decker Shop Vac!
The Huy Fong was killin' tonight!


Get down brown y'all!
i read this thread @ 6:30 in the am and I am now starving for a burger. Ill be cookoing one up shortly as soon as i decide what kind to make. Awesome thread TB
3 Crabs in Sequim, WA (pronounced Squim) makes an excellent dungy crab cake burger. I reckon y'all up there in the PNW rightly should know how its done. And that reminds me, how come y'all, I mean SL and SD too, don't post more of that great PNW seafood? You gotz all that crab, and salmon, and hell yeah, the oysters! And where all teh tillamook cheese at anyhow? Tillamook queso!!! Good Gawd' have mercy!!! PNW Posse, y'all need to get with the program pronto!
I know I know I know!!! I knew this day would come...
There was a time when I did,'t want to even hear the word Salmon, Fridge full of leftovers, lunch box with leftover from dinner lunch, freezer full, and all I wanted was mac n cheese.
I promise to do better TB, specially cuz, it's gettin into grillin season.

Been to 3 Crabs many times it is every bit as good as you remember. There's a Maw n Paw greezy diner in LaConner that has THEE Best Shrimp-burgers I've ever had. They were small, and only like $4.
We'd go in there and order 5 or 6 at a time, and Crab Burgers and Clam Fritter Burgers.... Damm TB, you're makin me hungry! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA
So salmon, shrimp, and crabcakes are burgers now? I am putting you on notice TB. That one looks good, but you try to slide a Soyrizo burger in here and there will be hell to pay. I am watchin' you Norton.


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i agree the minute any of us posted some fish burgers ,t.b. would have posted us the rules again,lol. hahahahahahahaha

The Hot Pepper

Don't squish your boigers, use 80/20, and all is good. A boiger is a boiger!
I'm puttin' Y'all on notice...
Not today, Prolly not tomorrow, and Maybe not this month.....
I will duplicate that SHRIMP BUGER.

Soyrizo? WTF is that? wait... don't answer that.

just you wait, fuckers...
My hat's tipped to you sir TB....
Well here it is thee burger I am an evil burger genius!!!!!!! (insert evil laugh here) I hope yall approve and yes I did eat the whole thing and it was delicous.

First we have the bacon with fresh cracked black pepper and crushed tepin flakes.

The makings of the patty that 2 1/3 angus patties.




now time for the bun 2 grilled cheese and diced jalapeno sandys


fully assembled


the close up


ohh yeah burger heaven.