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fermenting Can you ferment thawed peppers?

If so do I need to treat them differently than fresh? I have gallon bags of pepper in the freezer that have been coming off at different times. Thanks.
I did not know the answer to this but I expect that it can be found on the board somewhere.

However I looked it up elsewhere and the answer is yes and yes.

Thawed peppers will need to drain, fluid will drip from them. Let them sit out at room temp, heating to thaw will affect flavor in a way that people aren't recommending, but it likely depends on the level of heat. Just don't cook them to thaw them and then they can be fermented as is or mashed and fermented as normal etc.

At least that is what others have said.

I bet a lot of delicious sauce has been made from frosted and frozen peppers over the years.
Some people may even choose to do it deliberately as a proprietary (secret) step.

If you go for it and report back I'd bet $10 it was worth it.


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Frozen will ferment, maybe add some fresh produce to help it get started. Add a couple leaves of cabbage which can be removed later. I wouldn't drain the peppers. That is loosing a lot of flavorfull liquid that will be replaced by water.
Good luck and have fun. Post pics here if you try it.
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