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CaneDog 2020

2020 is underway, so it's time to start the new season's glog!  Odd times though, as I'm still harvesting stragglers from last season while the earliest of my 2020 starts are already up.  Grow areas are a bit disorganized as a result  :rolleyes:
This season's grow should be a little more balanced than last season, though I'll still have a ridiculous number of rocotos - many OW's plus a bunch of new varieties - and quite a few carry-over OW wilds, too.
A big "thanks" to all who shared seeds with me for this season.  I'm appreciative and excited to have lots of cool varieties in the mix, many of which I got to watch you grow last season and can now try myself.  I think I'm current with everyone, but if by any chance you were expecting seeds from me that may have slipped through the cracks just shoot me a PM.
As I mentioned, things aren't super organized right now, but here's a few pics anyway.
I planted a few seeds early, just because I couldn't hold off the extra few weeks without planting something.
Amarillo de Arequipa Rocoto just popped- Thanks CTB!
20200102 Amarillo de Arequipa.jpg

Ecuador Sweet Rocoto twins - and a big shout out to the two peeps who sent me seeds for these. Both sources germinated and I'm really happy to have them growing.  Disclaimer: they may look overly wet, but these just got sprayed (to avoid HH's) and it's a very porous medium.
20200103 ESRs.jpg

Put another few rocotos in to soak today.
20200104 R3S.jpg

This is a galapagoense that popped a few days back, exactly 100 days after sowing.
20200103 Galap100#2.jpg

And this pod contains Jalapeno Zapotec x Purple Jalapeno F1, one of a couple F1 JZ crosses I'll be growing out this season. The other is Tekne Dolmasi x JZ.
20200101 JZ x PJ #1.jpg

Finally, I got a solid recommendation on a new media mix I'll be trying out this season in a few variations. The mix is heavy in partially composted bark fines, a fir/hemlock mix as pine's hard to get locally. It's proving to be a veritable mycelium factory.  Bodes well for good symbiosis with the appropriate fungal species this year.
20200101 Fungi#1.jpg

20200103 Froot2.jpg

Heck, they're even fruiting out the drainage holes...  :)
20200101 Fungi#2.jpg

That's it for now.  Good luck to all in 2020!
CaneDog said:
Thanks GPR.  I like seeing the roots fuzzy and white like that.  I'm enjoying watching your AeroGarden "popcorn machine" in your glog.  Seems like it's about that time it should really start popping!
I haven't tried the yellow. It was already on my short-list for next season before your comments; it's about a certainty now.   I suppose I'm going into this backwards, growing the red first, but it intrigued me and I conveniently happened into a few seeds from a very reputable source. By description, I thought the yellow in particular might make an excellent powder.
So...  I chickened out and brought the Aji Giallo inside overnight.  Despite that Baccatum seem to handle lower temperatures well for me, I just didn't want to risk it or slow them down.  Ugh, I know that feels-like-an-eternity feeling of ripening baccatum all to well.  :rolleyes:   But it sounds like the wait will be worth it!  :)

Haha thanks, that’s a great way to think of it. Pepper popcorn machine nice  :onfire:
the fuzzy roots are a great sign, hoping to get there myself soon. Keep em coming bro
PaulG said:
Seems like there should be a patent in there, somewhere!
”Drop in a seed. Out pops a pepper plant!”
...and an infomercial too!
Thanks for the good words, guys. It was a bumpy start this season, but things are going better now.  Really happy with the grow list, too.  I think we all need a good season this year after last year's weather challenges and everything that's been happening lately. 
Here's the 2 OW Tovarii.  I potted them up to 5g buckets about two weeks ago and they seem to have rooted in and be putting on mass now.  Kinda regret putting them in the clown buckets, but they were new and clean...
20200415 OWTovarii.jpg
This is one of two sources of Purple Flower Baccatum I'm growing this season.  The other is from Bhuter, who's been very generous with me in sharing additional and novel sources of genetics.  This PFB was a recent pot-up and it appears to be loving our current weather patterns, provided I don't leave it fully exposed to the direct mid-day sun - it's supposed to reach 70F today, which is awesome!  I think I posted this guy a while back, but I really enjoy the way it looks and the shade of green.  The other PFB's sprouted 4/4 recently and are on the move.  Curious to see what comes of these and how they compare.
2020-04-16 PFB-NBcu.jpg
Agreed. The Sugar Rush Peach looks like a
great performer. I think if it wasn’t for the aphids,
every flower would have set a pod under the
T5HO light. I can’t wait to see what it does
this summer.
podz said:
I've got about 60 of those waiting to come up in a day or two. They sell like hotcakes around here.
Why do you think that is?  Do people know what they are or are they just hooked by the name?  Or maybe the appearance with all the cool little baccatum flowers...
Devv said:
Most excellent pics of most excellent plants!
I don't recall if you have grown the Sugar Rush Peach before. It's a great pepper, and now I wish I had planted 2 this year...
I haven't.  I think last year was the first year I even had it on my list and it didn't work out.  Heard lots of good things.  I have couple going and seems like they're both getting ready to produce despite being fairly young and quite small still.
CaneDog said:
Sugar Rush Peach
Stunning pictures as always. I think one of the reasons it sells well, is the taste combined with the name and "strange" color. At least in my country the public is not used to peach colored peppers. Thats my take at least, but I loved the pepper last season, I still remember the first bite with a burst of sweetness quickly turning into a rather pleasent burn. 
Just wanted to drop a couple close-ups of how the true leaves are developing on the variegated jalapeno.  A few things I'm seeing are the traits for variegation and anthocyanin in the stem are behaving like dominant genes, as expected.  Also, the less variegation, the more vigor the plants seem to have so far. The two with variegated cotyledons were initially the first and biggest, now they're behind the rest in developing true leaves.  And the one without any variegation, even in the first true leaves, is now out ahead of everything.  It's really only the two that had variegated coty's that aren't really thriving yet, though.  The rest are all growing strong.
Anyhow, mostly white, but a little bit of green
2020-04-17 VarJalap.jpg

2020-04-17 VarJalapX.jpg