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CaneDog 2022 Glog

Happy 2022 everyone and good luck with the new season. I suppose it's time to get the new glog going with it being the new year and all. I'll start off with some pics I took over the last couple weeks of plants in the indoor grow. Right now I have two tents with T5HO's for the indoor plants and the OW's about as far away as possible in the house under an HLG 100 4K.

Yaki Blue Fawn - I didn't grow this last year, but after seeing the success PaulG and Dragonsfire had with their Yakis recently I'm psyched to have one going again.
20211209 YakiBF.jpg

1 of 2 of Uncle E's Naga Smooky Rainbow x 7 Pot Yellow crosses from seeds he sent me.

A couple Uchu Cream x Mutant, 1 filiform and 1 not. Seeds from Catchthebear AKA Matt's Peppers
20211209 Uchus.jpg

and later, separated
2021-12-24 UchuXMutant F.jpg

2021-12-24 UchuXMutant NF.jpg

Mutant Gum (also from Matt)
20211209 MutantGum.jpg

Aji Guyana, which I topped for being a little too exuberant, but it's still wanting to stretch. This is my 3rd generation growing these from seeds Wiri sent me and they've been awesome and produce PDQ in the PNW for a baccatum.
2021-12-24 AjiGuyana.jpg

And Bahamian Goat - an old favorite I skipped last season and am looking forward to growing again.
20211209 BahaGoat.jpg
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'Dog, that Aci Dolma is gorgeous! It isn't part of Moruga Welder's lineage, is it? He sent me seed years ago and I commenced to saving a lot of seed, rare as it was. You make me wish I had room, dammit!
Yeah man. That's exactly it. I still have a few of the original seeds you sent me and 2 small AAD plants growing indoors right now. The creases on those pods have been wicked and a good number of people have commented so. I've shared a few of the seeds along the way, too.

BTW - I just put some oro and dreadie seeds to soak for the summer crop from that same shipment you sent. I'm definitely making the most of it! :)