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Canedog Offseason Season 2022/23

Well, shoot. I don't know that I should start a new glog with as poor as I was about updating my last one, but here it goes. My offseason season started late, with most of my plants being probably four to six weeks old now. I'll start by posting a few of the newer ones.

This guy is an Oxkutzcab/Oxkutzcabian Orange Habanero. I have three of these growing and a couple Caribbean Red Habanero that are smaller. The Oxkutzcab seem to be out-pacing the reds, but they've also been around a little longer. In this pic I particularly like the transition in the stem at the cotyledons.
20221109 Oxkutzcab.jpg

@HeatMiser sent me some of his wild texas tepin seeds - what, a couple years ago now? - and I've been trying to grow the variety to production ever since. The seeds were collected off a wild-growing bush in 2014 and still sprout just fine. I have three of the plants growing that I've overwintered, but it's been a very long-season variety for me here in the pnw and between that and the impact of an aphid infestation last winter I haven't yet gotten any of them to ripe pods. I started this new one with the idea of getting it well-established inside and hopefully it will be mature enough to produce by next season. I may just keep it inside until it does.
20221109 TX Tepin 2014.jpg

Aji Guyana. I've grow this variety for a couple seasons now after Wiri Wiri shared seeds with me. I always end up topping it, so I got that out of the way early this time. I'm hoping once will be enough, but if it gets unruly it may end up seeing the scissors again. Great production out of these and pretty early for a baccatum.
20221109 Guyana.jpg

This is a second generation (with me) ollantaytambo amarillo rocoto. I was hoping the parent's pods would be more pale that they were, but it produced great-looking yellow pods this summer, which I thought had great flavor. I'm curious whether this next generation's pods will be unchanged, plus it's likely getting crossed with one or two other rocotos I have growing now that are close to the same age.
20221109 OllyWhite.jpg

Uvalde Pequin, from @CraftyFox - thanks man! It looked a little rough when it first came up, but it's looking much stronger now.
20221109 Uvalde.jpg

I'm working with several mexican culinary varieties, growing given varieties from multiple sources and in different variations to find out what I like best. Pasilla Oaxaca, Pasilla Negro Bahia, and Guajillo are among them. These guys are the most recent sprouts. The others have been growing a while and are more established.

20221106 Guajillo.jpg

Pasilla Oaxaca
20221109 PasillaOaxaca.jpg

Pasilla Negro Bahia
20221109 PasillaBahia.jpg

I'll close with this guy. I thought I'd run out of the orange arequipa rocoto seeds I'd acquired a couple years back, but I found one scraggly seed in the corner of a seed baggie and that scraggly seed has turned into this scraggly young plant. When it germinated I thought the roots might not be strong enough for it to survive, but I've tried to water it just right and it keeps getting stronger day-by-day. If it keeps improving like it has it might make a good match for the ollantaytambo amarillo rocoto.
20221109 OrgArequipa.jpg
I pulled my first really strong pepper harvest from the community garden today. Enough to keep me in peppers for a while. Conditions for pictures were better today, so I stuck around longer to take a few.

I have 4 different Chile de Arbol varieties this season. These are de Arbol "Baha." I haven't tried them before and am planning to get them into a salsa here in the next few days.
20230917 deArbolBaha.jpg

This is Sandia's be Arbol. Smaller pods than the "Baha" and upright versus pendular.
20230917 deArbolSandia.jpg

Er Jing Tiao. I have two EJT plants and one is shorter/bushier with shorter pods and the other taller with longer pods. Not sure if it's nature or nurture. I'll try to remember to do a side-by-side tasting to see if there's any discernable difference.
20230917 EJT-S.jpg

I have 4 different Mirasol varieties this season. These are Trade Wind's entry into the mix.
20230917 MirasolTW.jpg

Mulato Isleno. I was late with these this year and they didn't develop into the big trees they have before, but the pods have gotten pretty chunky nonetheless.
20230917 MulatoIslena.jpg

My only poblano has chunky pods as well, though they're buried pretty well under the foliage.
20230917 Poblano.jpg

I was late transplanting the Pasilla Apaseo too, but they've cranked out good numbers of pods. Hopefully they'll manage to ripen before the season ends.
20230917 PasillaApaseo.jpg

This is my outdoor Scarlett's x Poblano. The plants not all pretty, like the indoor ones, but the pods sure are.
20230917 ScarPo.jpg

Thai Spezzanos, sporting day-glow pods.
20230917 SpazThai.jpg

Thai Orange SSE, with a few malinalco tomatillos photobombing from the left. I found a couple dozen ripe orange thai pods in the center of the bush, but they're almost completely buried from view in the picture.
20230917 ThaiOrangeSSE.jpg

I got a better picture of the Chile Tuxta pods today. They're definitely not what I expected as far as their coloration.
20230917 Tuxta.jpg

Two of the three Hot Wax plants were looking ready today; which yielded 34 pods in total. I harvested the banana peppers today too - that's one in the upper right, below, which yielded almost as many, but slightly bigger pods.
20230917 HotWax.jpg

Last up is this Zapotec. I pulled about 10 red-ripe pods from the two plants today, which will hopefully get others ripening sooner. I'd love to get a really big batch of these at one time.
20230917 Zapotec.jpg

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Plants/pods are looking great CD. I think you'll have a lot more picking to do, lol.
It's been raining like crazy here all week, so I haven't been out to the community garden recently to check on things. Hopefully pods have continued to ripen despite the cruddy weather. It's supposed to turn around this weekend though and next week's forecast doesn't look too bad.

Here's a couple indoor pictures of the south room table, which is dominated by a couple large frutescens on the perimeter; a Prik Khi Nu and a Prik Kaleang. I dont have any extra space right now, but I figure I'll be able to cull a few plants once their current pods ripen so I decided to sow a few seeds. New starts went 8/8 (yeah, suddenly it's perfect germination when I don't really need it :rolleyes: ), with 2 each of Primotalii, Trepadeira Werner, and 2021 and 2023 Pasilla Negro.
20230927 SRoom.jpg

This is the Prik Khi Nu. I took a long time to produce and seemed to need to be potted up into a full 1 gallon container to do so. It's on it's second full round of pods now and seems to just keep cranking them out. The Prik Kaleang also took forever and refused flower until it got a 1 gallon pot, too. It's just starting a round of flowering now and looks like it's going to be a solid producer.
20230927 - PKN2.jpg
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