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catchthebear 2019

Hello everyone. 
It's my first time posting a grow log here, so if I do something wrong please yell at me.  
I finally had time to put together a list of all the peppers I have started this year.  I also relabeled every plant with giant labels using a grease pencil.   I'm tired of running into mystery plants halfway through the season!
It's a busy time of year at work for me, but things are finally starting to slow down a hair.  
Still haven't pushed my babies out of the nest yet.  Had some hail a couple days ago that scared me off putting them out.  Maybe next week. :)
I plan to put about half of them in the ground and the other half in pots.  Would like to be able to easily isolate certain varieties when they start flowering.  
I've also decided that this is my last year using the double cup method.  Big pain in the ass. 
Still looking for some Tovarii seeds too. Don't intend to start any more seeds this year, but hope to run across some before next season.  
Hope everyone has a good season ahead.  
Here's my list of my plants this year along with some photos below. May be some spelling errors, etc.  Please let me know if you notice something that needs correcting.  
* 7 Pot Congo
* 7 Pot Lava
* 7 Pot Slimer
* Aji Chuncho
* Aji Guyana
* Aji Lemon
* Aji Mango
* Aji Rainforest
* Ancient
* Angkor Sunrise
* Arrowhead
* BBG7 Jobito Chocolate
* BBG7 X Tobasco
* Bahamian Goat
* Banglador Whippet's Tail
* Bhut X Lime
* Biberie
* Big Bang Space Chili
* Big Black Mama
* Biquinho
* Biquinho Iracema
* Bird Aji
* Black Namaqualand
* Black Olive
* Black Stinger
* Black Variegated
* Bleeding Borg 9
* Bleeding Heart Yellow
* Bloody Riot Orange
* Blue Ghost
* Bolivian Rainbow
* Bonda Mahala
* Brazilian Pumpkin
* Brazilian Starfish Orange
* Buena Mulata
* CGN 191998 Eximium
* CGN 21566
* CGN 22795
* CGN 22835
* CGN 23209
* CGN 23255
* CGN 24360
* Cap 1141
* Cap 1144 Praetermissium
* Cap 115
* Cap 1478
* Cap 212
* Cap 470 Eximium
* Cap 500 Eximium
* Cap 691 Red Fire
* Cap 962
* Cap Cardenasii
* Cap Chacoense
* Cap Flexuosum
* Cap Galapagoense
* Cap Lanceolatum
* Cap Rhomboideum
* Capezoli Scimmia
* Carbonara Red
* Carbonara White
* Carolina Reaper
* Carolina Reaper X Peach Ghost
* Carolina Reaper Yellow
* Chocolate Congo X Gigantic Ghost
* Chocolate Ghost Jami
* Chupetino Pink
* Condor's Beak
* Count Dracula
* Cumari Pollux
* Devil's Rib
* Dwarf Chiltepin
* Ekirike
* Elephant
* Elysium Oxide Mustard
* Farmer's Market Jalapeno
* Fatali Gourmet Jigsaw
* Fidalgo Roxa
* Fruit Gum F3
* Funky Yellow
* Galapagos Isabela Habanero
* Goat Pepper
* Goatsweed
* Holiday Time
* Hot Pops Purple
* Inca Drop
* Jay's Peach Ghost Scorpion
* Khang's Lemon Starrburst
* Khang's Texas Crimson Bonnet
* Krishna Jolokia
* Lemon Habanero
* MA Face
* Macapa
* Machu Picchu
* Mata Fride
* Midnight BBG7
* Mini Rocoto Red
* Mojo Scoundrel
* Monkey Face Yellow
* Monkey Nipple
* Murupi
* Murupi Amarela
* Mutant Candlelight
* NOT Buforum
* NOT Parvifol
* NOT Sepia Serpent
* Nosegay
* Orange Bleeder
* Orange Blob
* PI 281312
* PI 281317
* PI 439452
* PI 43952
* PI 441598 Peach F3
* PI 543208
* Paprika Alma
* Peach Fantasy
* Peach Scorpion
* Peruvian Serlano
* Peter Orange
* Peter Red
* Piaxo Neyde
* Pimenta Kathumby Black
* Pimenta Lisa
* Pink Tiger X Peach Bhut
* Primo X Lemon Drop
* Purple Creme Tiger
* Purple Flower Baccatum Long
* Quintisho
* Red Lightning Habanero
* Red Rocket
* Rezha Macedonian
* Rocopica
* Rocoto Aji Largo
* Rocoto De Las Selvas
* Rocoto San Isidro
* Rooster Spur
* Safi Red
* Salvatico
* Satan's Kiss
* Scarlet Lantern X CGN 21500
* Shu
* Slovakia #1
* Slovakia #3
* Sugar Rush Brains F1
* Sugar Rush Red
* Super Hot Beast
* Swamp Thing Yellow
* Tepin X Lemon Drop
* Thai Orange
* Thunder Mountain Longhorn
* Tobago Treasure
* Trinidad Perfume
* Trinidad Perfume Red
* Trinidad Purple Coffee
* Trinidad Red Cherry
* Turkish Cap Rojo
* Uvilia Grande
* Varigated Jalapeno
* Ven Tiger X SRTSL Red
* Venezuelan Purple
* Vladan Beauty
* Wartryx Grenade
* West Indies Red
* West Indies Yellow
* White Kanthari
* White Wasp
* Wild Brazil
* Wild Japanese (Tubocapsicum Anomalum)
* Wild Purple Guatemalan
* Wiri Wiri
* Yellow BBG7 x Butch T Scorpion

Still haven't been able to put my peppers outside yet.  Damn near constant rain this year (with a dash of tornado warnings).  Hopefully within the next week or two things will ease up and we'll see some sun.
Also excited about my first Flexuosum flowers.  My plants are about 4 months old at the moment.  Should I pinch these now or wait to see if they even set fruit?  

Thank ya :)  I've got another week to go I guess.  Not feeling the best. Managed to come down with something yesterday.
Added you back on Instagram too.
incredible list!  hope the weather works out for you soon.
Not feeling well enough to move my plants outside today, but decided to clean up my seed starting trays and start a few more varieties that didn't germinate.  (I can't help myself.)
I keep a heat mat underneath the towel there you see my cat Tuffy lying on.  He knows exactly where it is. Enjoy it while it lasts, buddy. Lol.
Hi Matt, welcome to the glog party! Quite the list and setup you have going, very impressive! Great pics! Tuffy knows what's up, he looks like he couldn't be happier lol. I hope the weather turns around for you, lookin forward to following your progress!
BigCedar said:
Hi Matt, welcome to the glog party! Quite the list and setup you have going, very impressive! Great pics! Tuffy knows what's up, he looks like he couldn't be happier lol. I hope the weather turns around for you, lookin forward to following your progress!
Thanks Brandon! :)
I bit the bullet and decided to put most of them outside today.  The hard part is over. Just have to either pot them up or get them in the ground now.
:welcome:  to THP, 'Bear!
Those outdoor shots are really great.
Lots of plants looking good!
I'd say you are ALL IN!