Chance to win some seeds nobody else has***WINNER ANNOUNCED***

Pretty simple game really, all you have to do is guess the number between 1 to 150. If you think I'm just going to wait until someone I want to win posts their guess, I have already sent Nigel the winning number.

One guess per person! No editing unless you guess a number that was already posted before you!

I will send the package free within the US. If you are outside of the US and wanted to participate, feel free to guess. If you do win, I will ask that you cover the shipping costs via PayPal. If you don't agree to that, then don't guess.

Game will end Tuesday April 8th at 8:00pm Central time, if there is no winner then closest guess wins, if there's a tie then whomever posted first will win. There are a few people who can't participate because they are already getting a free package of seeds from me. Those people are: Redtailforrester, PIC 1, millworkman, nigel, hotjohn9. (sorry guys, just want to be as fair as possible)

Enough with all that boring crap. Here is the list of seeds you will be receiving. I can almost guarantee that the winner will be one of very very very few people in the world to have these....

CAP 213 - C. Baccatum subsp Baccatum
CAP 1486 - C. Pubescens (peru)
CAP 212 - C. Chacoense
CAP 271 - C. Baccatum subsp Pendulum (WILD-PERU)
CAP 267 - C. Baccatum subsp Pendulum (WILD-CHILE)
CAP 253 - C. Baccatum subsp Baccatum
CAP 383 - C. Annuum "Filius Yellow"
CAP 1540 - C. Frutescens "Pimenta Bode" (Brazil)
CGN 22795 - C. Praetermissum
CGN 16891 - C. Annuum subsp Longum
CGN 20509 - C. Chacoense
CGN 16976 - C. Annuum
CGN 21536 - C. Frutescens
CGN 23213 - C. Annuum subsp Grossum


CAP 116 - C. Annuum var Annuum "Nitrianská Tenkostenna"
CAP 1444 - C. Baccatum
CAP 1531 - C. Sp

And there you have it folks. Happy guessing and good luck.

P.S all of these seeds are from their respective genebanks, therefore, they are isolated.