flavor Chasing taste

Guys, I'm targeting the tastiest peppers from each big species.

I'm growing habs, Chinese 5 Color, Tepíns, Bishop's Crown, some types of Frutescens (need ID), a "Dorset" (turned to be a hab cross) and a couple of Hungarian hybris paprikas, but I'd like to have to move a bit towards taste, not pure heat.

I'm thinking of Fataliis, Datils, but please give me some advice which to grow next season. I like the sweeter ones, but the more complex aromas too. TIA
Pequins are my favorite. But they're not as sweet as some. Sharp and snappy with a touch of vegetal taste, slight citrus, and sometimes hints of smoke. On the dry side like a chardonnay.

Salute', TB.
Im a Aji Lemon Fan...also take a fancy to a nice crunchy yellow hab....love em. im actually thinking of changing my hab concentrate to yellows instead of orange.

also love the serrano!
Yellow Habs like Scorp said, Yummy! Also Aji Umba & St Martins Hab have fantastic flavour with not as much heat as the red/choc habs.
My new favourite is Cappuccino Hab, fantastic smokey flavour with a real delayed BURN.

This gets better and better!

I have habs (yellow, orange and red) from Thailand, yellow/orange from Uganda and the Netherlands. The Thais have wonderful fruity smell, but the Uganda/Dutch strains are significantly sweeter and hotter.

I bought "Dorset" seeds a year ago, but they turned out to be some kind of hab cross. They are still unripe, but I'm very curious...

Sooo, serrano, fatalii, SB burkina, BMJ, YCongos...

I have yellow/red Scotch, 7P Brain Strain seeds too. It seems that next season will be definitely interesting... Still, I have to have a nice thick, meaty Pubescens too... Do Manzanos taste good?
Believe or not, I've NEVER tasted a jalapeno (except the slices at Subway & OTC) because it is not available here. Another uncharted territory...
Skydiver said:
No love for the humble jalapeno?

Red jals are what I look forward to the most every year.

I just had my first ripe red jalapeno from the garden this year, and jeezus that sucker was HOT!

Much hotter than I was used to for jalapenos.

Honestly, jalapeno's & fresno's are my favorites for flavour. They just go great with so many foods. The thai chili works awesome in just about everything the first two don't play nice with.

I really dig my peperoncino's they are MUCH hotter & sweeter then I expected. Huge, lovely surprise.