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grantmichaels said:
Rwandan coffee is also very good.
Kenyan is hit or miss, but sometimes excellent ...
I enjoy Sumatran for an alt-bean ...
Do you like South American coffee?  I find that the blends from different parts of the world suit me best.
SavinaRed said:
It depends on your method of extraction. I use extra fine for espresso, medium-medium fine for Aero Press and Pour over and med coarse for french press. 
Yes I found that out after some quick research via the bottomless pit we call the internet.  Thank you.  ;)
The baratza seems like a wonderful product with endless possibilities for coffee brewing applicatons
I actually bought a coffee grinder and some fresh beans today.  I've gotten tired of espresso and things need to be mixed up a little.
The grinder is nothing fancy (krups).  The thing might serve a dual purpose by making some fresh chili powder.  I might wind up with some spicy coffee though so I will probably reconsider.


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I bought espresso for the first time in a few years the other day ...

That sounds interesting. My next purchase with be a couple of dry processed raw Ethiopian beans. A yirga for sure and one other bean. 


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t0mato said:
I might wind up with some spicy coffee though so I will probably reconsider.
When dual usage for the grinder is necessary put about 1/3 cup of plain uncooked rice through the grinder prior to grinding coffee after you've milled chili powder.  Super cool side tangent:  The finely milled rice flour can then be added to your chili powder blends to keep them from clumping.  :)