seed-train Coheed's 2014 and Beyond Seed Train ***NOW ACCEPTING MEMBERS FOR ROUND 3***

coheed - I'm so sorry you're going through so many difficult circumstances right now.  Please know that we're all on your side.  Many prayers for your father and you.
Vincent - You have earned good Karma from your generosity here.  Hang in there, we are all pushing for good days to come back your way. Many of us are sharing your pain, and wishing the best to you and your family.
I have been fortunate to survive to an age where I may be planted to 'push up daisies ' on any day.  But I still look forward to the next growing season as being a better one.  

From another Vincent
Prayers your way coheed. You are forshure missed in this community. Your a big part of why I'm here with your
Generosity last year and a few others that have a big heart like you. I'm saving seeds to pass on in a few months
Here thanks to a big part of you......