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Time to kick off this project!

I called the electric company today to have them come out and tell me what it's going to take to get the new service. County tells me that because of my agricultural zoning, this counts as a farm outbuilding so isn't subject to the permit requirements something like a house or commercial structure would be (YAY!). Especially since it's an existing structure being converted. That means I'll be able to use the existing well and septic, too. All the major hurdles are out of the way.

Next I need to get ahold of Ag department and county health to see if there's anything I need to do for them before I start. Obviously I will need a water test and probably some sort of filtration or purification.
BAD news: water test came through, positive for coliform. Anyone have any suggestions for in-line treatment that won't break the bank?
Feel your pain.
I'm on well water & tested positive for coliform also. Inline U.V. system on its way..
Plywood, primer, paint.....done.

No tape, no mud...

Just an option~
We'll see how it goes tomorrow, my final attempt to get someone to even estimate the work. My concern with plywood was that it wouldn't get me to a smooth enough surface, especially at the joints.

I'm open to input here - the current ceiling is OSB, now I'm wondering if I could just do that. I'll have to figure out how to fill in the small gaps between but that shouldn't be too hard.

I would say I WAY overthought and simultaneously underthought this part - forest for trees sort of thing, I missed some very obvious options because I was too focused on doing it only one way.
Just use the OSB. caulk the seams, wipe it smooth, primer and paint.

Yes, you will see the strands, but it is on the ceiling and hopefully won't need a lot of cleaning. :lol: maybe do a 2nd coat of paint to smooth out the strands and make it easier for wiping.
You might be able to do the drywall project yourself since there's an OSB underlayment already, you can hang 1/4" drywall and save a lot of money, and it's light. If you can't do a good mud/tape job then you might hire someone for that, and that's some day work someone might be looking to pick up. Then paint it out with Benjamin Moore Aura Semi-Gloss Super White. It's expensive but it's also primer, you only need two coats over unfinished drywall so you save on primer and paint as well since some take three coats, and Aura paint has ceramic in it and it's totally wipeable. You can even get the Matte which is still washable believe it or not, and looks better for ceilings, but for commercial I'd go semi-gloss if the mud job was good!. Hit that up and done. However if you want a basic ceiling paint that is cheaper THIS is the best!
Tell them go 1/4" and do a finished mud job and you'll paint. Easy job for someone.
Yep, that's where I am with it, and exactly what I'm doing. Finally got someone to commit, they're coming out tomorrow.

I tried to do it, but even trying to hang the first piece was a disaster. I am now about half a piece down, good thing I bought extra.

UV filtration unit arrived today, so getting that done ASAP!
If you can, (pay cash) and toss a bottle of hot sauce or other product as a tip.
Been a busy few days!
UV system hooked up, ceiling finished, basically everything done! Equipment started coming in yesterday, going to be setting that up on Sunday!

Very Nice! A very proper working kitchen!