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Time to kick off this project!

I called the electric company today to have them come out and tell me what it's going to take to get the new service. County tells me that because of my agricultural zoning, this counts as a farm outbuilding so isn't subject to the permit requirements something like a house or commercial structure would be (YAY!). Especially since it's an existing structure being converted. That means I'll be able to use the existing well and septic, too. All the major hurdles are out of the way.

Next I need to get ahold of Ag department and county health to see if there's anything I need to do for them before I start. Obviously I will need a water test and probably some sort of filtration or purification.
So doing a little quick research it looks like 220 does not require a neutral. That makes sense. But I'm worried about the wiring diagram indicating black and white instead of black and red. I don't want to damage the thing first time I power it on!
HVAC guy out today to take a look at the system, looks like all that's left to do is vacuum test it and release the kraken, I mean freon. He's coming back to do that tomorrow.

Got another wall up, and finished the rest of the outlets and switches inside. Everything is going super-fast now!

Called Ag Dept. about inspection today. They're putting me in touch with an inspector, scheduling 4-6 weeks out. I'm going to see how it goes next couple days, but it's looking like I'll be ready to start putting all the stuff in next week. I'm thinking I'll schedule it as I'm confident I'll be ready with plenty time to spare.

Just have to remember to get that water test done!
I missed the couple posts about 240v.

Yes heaters, minisplits etc typically do not need a neutral. A 12/2 with ground would work. Wrap the white wire with black tape (phase tape) to indicate the white wire is hot (120v). 120v on the black, + 120v on the white = 240v.

If you used 12/3 w ground, just ignore the white neutral and use the black and red.

Good to hear the permitting of the existing shed is skipping the process ahead.
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Had the mini vacuumed yesterday and it's fully functional now! Kept it nice and cool yesterday, and comfortably warm today.

Propane guys came out for final hookup earlier this week. Stove works great. Water heater is fully functional too. Probably too much, water is 150-160F 🥵

Last wall went up today. Ceiling next! Hoping to get it done tomorrow but family Easter dinner might cut into my work time...

Things are moving fast now!


Gotta replace that door too - new one is sitting right behind me in this pic.
Well, it wouldn't be a project without a glitch or two, right?

Turns out the ceiling tiles won't stick, no matter what I do. So I need to come up with another solution.

But I finished grouting the wall today and got the new door insulated and paneled.
Ceiling tiles???? More info por favor...
Ceiling tile adhesive was delivered today, got the tiles yesterday, so that's the weekend project, to fit in between field prep so I can plant out by next weekend.

Wrapped up supply plumbing with the escutcheons and valves on the stubs, just awaiting connection to the sinks when they arrive. Installed the stove hood too in advance of the tile.

Need to finish caulking all the corners, but all that's left is that, ceiling tiles, and floor tiles. I think I'll be ordering the equipment (counters, sinks, etc) next week!
Careful with all the adhesives you don't want a toxic VOC environment. Hopefully they are low VOC. The materials as well. It's a small space.
A bit late for that comment, tbh. And now you've got me paranoid. I'm pretty sure I'm good on all that, but if I'm not I'm out several thousand dollars now :(
These ARE all intended for indoor use... I thought we got rid of high VOC stuff for indoor use in general years ago.
Gotta ask...why tile and all that work....especially on the ceiling....when paint works?
In-line UV system.
I have one. Check with your tester agency to make sure before installing.

You sound like needing a lower gpm system.
The UV bulbs need replacing every 365 days. About$80 per year
I have had 2 transformers/drivers go kapoot after 5-6 years, have to replace them at about $380

Eventially, after 18 years, the whole system went obsolete and i hired the original plumber to replace/replumb the whole UV module system.
On my fourth drywall person for the ceiling. I get someone, discuss some details, then they just stop responding.
I had the same problem looking for an accountant this year. I don't get it.

I'd think it's me, but I've run into several other people who have noticed the same thing.

Well, trying to get that resolved before I can move on - that's the last thing to do!
Yep, I remembered. Decided to go drywall for the ceiling and return the tile. I forgot how badly drywall and I get along.

I'm done dealing with the ceiling. Time to hire someone.
Plywood, primer, paint.....done.

No tape, no mud...

Just an option~