seeds Dealing with Reimer seeds (read before ordering from them)

Txclosetgrower said:
I think it's funny that they ban you from ordering. How childish. Instead of fixing the problem, just do away with the person who points it out. Brilliant.

Reminds me of the bar owner that banned me from his bar for pointing out that he was freezing his employees by keeping the joint too cold. A**hole did me a favor! :)
imaguitargod said:
That's mom always told me if you don't have anything nice to say you should probably work for Fox News...... :lol:

Hey! That's not fair and balanced! BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! :lol:
I'm sorry about your bad experience. What someone needs to do it figure out who truly is behind Reimer Seed and CUT OFF THEIR SEED SUPPLY to all these new, enticing varieties. There's some secret there yet to be revealed. The owner somehow has managed to launch and run a large mail order business with NO name mentioned. Some fools are giving this person seeds to make him richer at the expense of ripping poor souls off.

It's too bad they don't go to the drawing board and take some lessons from Baker Creek Seeds, RainbowChiliSeeds, Peppermania, and other reputable places that actually have a conscience.
It may not be as bad as it sounds. Looked at one of the trays I had sown some seeds in and two HH seeds have sprouted. About 10 days after the others, and it only brings the germination rate to about 50%, but that's better than zero.

I think other posters are correct - they sell to so many people that having what, maybe 1 in 50 to 100 people who complain (and get banned) is a trade-off they are willing to accept.

But, I have a game plan...

Strange, because last year I ordered from Reimer's 3 different packs of peppers. All three germinated no problem and turned out to be fine plants. The thing about Reimer's is their selection is absolutely huge. They have lot's of stuff I can't find at the more reputable sites.

Has anybody else had a positive experience with these people?
The only good I got out of reimers is some some "accidental" hybrids that I've been growing out for several years. The first year I ordered from them(only a few types) I had no problems but the second year, they soaked me for a lot of money. Poor germination and most weren't what they were suppose to be

Check out these reviews. Most of the positive and neutral comments seem to address quick shipping and are made before any germination attempts.