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seeds Dealing with Reimer seeds (read before ordering from them)

I read the stories about the company but ordered from them anyway, only because they wanted 75¢ per seed and everyone else want double that (Holland Hothouse Cucumber).

The first ones I sowed germinated (2 for 2) but since then, one of seven have. So I wrote them to say I expect a refund or another packet of seeds. This is their response (some comments in-line).
We need more information to try to determine what may have caused the poor
germination you experienced.

Please provide us with the information below, so we can assist you in
determining the problem and issue you a refund.

1. What is the Order Number? (Login to Your Account and click Order History for the Order Number)

That was sent to them.

2. What are the Product Number(s) in question? (Can be found on the Sales Receipt we sent you)

The order number shows that.

3. What type of pots or containers did you use? Did you use Jiffy Peat Pots, plugs, plastic pots, or other? Or was the seeds planted directly in the garden? Please be specific.

The same as the other dozen of trials I have tried.

4. What brand and type of potting mix did you use? Do you know if the potting mix was from last year's lot or this year’s lot? Do you still have the UPC code from the package?

You gotta be kidding - look up a UPC code?

5. What depth did you plant the seeds? Please be specific

The same depth I sowed all the others, give or take 1/10 of an inch. Next time, I'll have to be more scientific and measure to 1/1000th of a meter to satisfy these people.

6. What was the frequency in watering the seeds? (Daily, Every Other Day,Weekly, etc)

Again, the same as all the other seeds that germinated. What part of "these seeds are not good" don't they understand?

7. What was the constant daytime temperature inside (or outside if started outdoors)?

I knew I should have bought a weather monitoring station to see how plants germinate.

8. What was the constant nighttime temperature inside (or outside if started outdoors)?

See #7

9. Did you cover the containers with plastic or any other material?

Yep. The same as the other trays I sowed. They were bosom buddies for a week or so!

10. What date did you plant the seeds?

This was an easy one, I had written down (Thanks, AJ for teaching us to be at least a bit anal - it helps to answer questions from idiot seed suppliers!)

Please provide any other information that you think may assist us in determining the problem.

Well, in at least one forum dedicated to growing plants from seeds, the word is you are unreliable. (Honestly, this is the reply!)

As soon as we receive the information, we will test the seeds to see if we can replicate the problem.

We sold a lot of the variety in question, and no one has reported a problem. We doubt there is a problem, because no one reported a problem, but we will test the seeds to determine if there is a problem with the lot.

You claim you don't know what seeds I ordered so how do you know you sold a lot of the variety in question?

If we find a problem after testing, we will issue a refund.

Get real - the paperwork to issue a $7 refund via a credit card or PayPal would cost 20 times that. All I asked for was a couple packets of seeds that will germinate.

Thank you for contacting us.

I told them I would withhold my thanks for replying until I see the outcome.

We will see what happens.

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From: Mike Koewler [mailto:wordwiz@fuse.net]
Sent: Thursday, December 18, 2008 6:23 PM
To: orderdesk@reimerseeds.com
Subject: Sorry - your seeds are crappy

I ordered two packages of Holland Hothouse Cucumber seeds. In the last two weeks, I have sowed seven of them and had a grand total of one - that's ONE germinate. At a cost of 75¢ per seed, I expect a much better germination rate.

And no, it is not my ability to germinate seeds. For the past 2+ months, I have been experimenting germinating seeds and seeing how they respond to different lights and transplant times. Why? I plan on raising about 1300 seedlings to sell this spring and want to see which method works the best. Out of maybe 300 seeds I have sown, only your HH has a rate less than 90 percent. I would hope you would either send me more seeds or refund part of purchase. My order number is 87604.

One unhappy (and likely not to be a repeat) customer.

like everyone has posted many times before, avoid reimers like the plague!
as for #4 what does that matter ? soil doesnt go bad & if it has time released fertilizer in the soil those dont go bad either within a year or two.
I only ordered these seeds because every other source wanted $15 or more for less than 10 seeds. They are a hybrid variety that are self pollinating, making them idea to grow inside in winter.

Some idiot replied saying they should not have been started in a tray that had a dome (????) and that transplanting cukes is not a great idea. Duh, how in heck can I transplant something that doesn't germinate? The guy/gal/thing also said they are growing them successfully in their greenhouse. Great - I'm growing one that did germinate successfully upstairs. The problem is not growing, it's getting a plant to sprout.

But I will say, as stupid as their questions and answers are, at least they are replying. Not that I will order more from them.

I like how they said they were going to try and "replicate" the problem, not that there could possibly be one!!

Never buy from Reimer's they are crooks. I don't know what is worse, their seeds or their customer service.
Their guarantee only applies if you use their exact growing tecniques which includes using miracle grow soil:rolleyes: and they always treat you as if you did something wrong when they are obviously the guilty party. I know a few people who fought hard enough to get a refund but they may also ban you from ordering again. Also people like me posting negative comments on forums like this often get banned from ordering, even though I would never think about ordering from them again.
They are idiots, plain and simple. I got this reply:

This variety is not suitable for hydroponics. We suspect that the manner you tried to grow the seeds hydroponically, is the reason you had the problem, as you stated you were experimenting growing the seeds under different conditions. Of course, if you are experimenting, you will get different results, and may get poor germination under some conditions, or none at all.

We sold a lot of this variety and we never had a complaint, and like we said we are growing this variety in our greenhouse.


So, of course, I replied -

I'll type this real slowly, please read it the same way and maybe it will soak in:


And yep, they refunded my money and banned me from ordering from them in the future.

So it goes.

you know, by banning you it seems they think they are doing themselves a favor when in fact, they are doing you a favor...
How does your cost/seed decision strike you now?

The reason the seeds are cheap is because the seeds are junk.

Never order seeds from Reimers.

HH seeds are hard to germinate. From what I have read, most of them are imported and irridated. I also ordered some Diva and Tasty Jade and the germination rates are normal. Reimer could have pointed this out, sent me a packet of seeds and I would have been a happy camper. It's their idiocy of saying that they are not meant for hydro is why the didn't sprout even though they were sown in potting soil. I can just see the seeds, lying there in the dark, moist, warm soil thinking: "Oh dear, we better not come up or that old mean guy is going to stick our feet in water for the rest of our life."

You usually get what you pay for. If one seller is noticeable cheaper than all the others you can bet your a** that there is a good reason for it...

Lesson learned? ;)
MrArboc said:
You usually get what you pay for. If one seller is noticeable cheaper than all the others you can bet your a** that there is a good reason for it...

Lesson learned? ;)

Trust me, I have read about Reimers and I was not being cheap or trying to save a couple of dollars. Do a Google Search for Holland Hothouse cucumber seeds and see how many dealers in the US sell them. I found one! There is another place that may (they don't list that specific cuke by name) but they charge $18 shipping.

I believe most of the seeds come from Thompson and Morgan, a UK company. They don't list the HH either, but they offer H1 seeds that are self-pollinating. The cost is $6 US for four seeds, plus shipping.

In the future, I will have to find a different variety to grow.

I apologize, I assumed money was the reason because you started you first post like this: "I read the stories about the company but ordered from them anyway, only because they wanted 75¢ per seed and everyone else want double that (Holland Hothouse Cucumber)."

My mistake I guess...

Costs was a factor but not the deciding one. HH is supposed to be a great cuke for greenhouse gardening and produces burpless fruit with soft skins. They are hard to find so I was willing to take a chance with Reimers rather than order from England.

I'm hoping Burpee sells some self-pollinating cukes that can grow inside. Plus, I still have a few seeds left that I'll try to germinate on a paper towel.


Ya missin' the point. I knew Reimers reputation. It was the devil I had to deal with for these particular seeds. It was their idiotic responses that I originally posted. Wanting the know the UPC code of the type of potting soil I used, the average daytime and nighttime temps, my watering regimen.

Then they try to tell me is my problem is I am trying to grow these cukes in hydro. I never complained how they grew - I complained because they didn't germinate - in soil.

I got my money back (I would have preferred replacement seeds), won't be able to order from them again (darn the bad luck!) and still have three or four seeds I can take extra pains with and try to germinate. I'm not an unhappy camper but wonder how a company whose customer service reps are so stupid manages to stay in business.

wordwiz said:
I'm not an unhappy camper but wonder how a company whose customer service reps are so stupid manages to stay in business.

It's because people like you send them their money. Simple as that.

I'm not calling you stupid, I don't want to start an argument, but their reputation should have stopped you from dealing with them. Sometimes you just shouldn't give people an opportunity to rip you off because they will.

Heck, even an n00b like me over in Sweden knew about them before I found this forum.

Still friends? Please?