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DF 2022 other Glog.

Key Lime flowering.
Weather so F up.
Friday -5 and snowed, Saturday 10 and everything melted, Today -13 and 10" snow shoveled. Heading toward -25.


Got some Strawberries and Spanish onions today.
Planted 24 onions, dug up the soil, found five red onions from last year in their, planted them else ware, Strawberries going on the porch.
Wind ripped of the shed roof, put some more screws in their, gonna find some calking and seal the whole edge, 100k winds a bit much.
Weeds are just every ware, cant keep up with them.





Might be why they picked up in speed growth.



According to Texas A&M University, infrared light plays a part in the blooming of flowering plants. Plants grown indoors may grow well under fluorescent lights, but will not bloom until appropriate levels of infrared radiation have been introduced. This can be done using special horticultural lights, or simply by adding incandescent light bulbs.


According to Planta, increased infrared waves can affect the speed at which plant stems grow. A short exposure to far infrared light increased the space between nodes when the exposure occurred at the end of an eight-hour light period. Exposing the plant to ordinary red light reversed this effect. A combination of far red and red light produced the longest internodes. Plants grown in light that is too red may seem spindly and long-stemmed.