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DF 2022 other Glog.

If you aren't using any hot lights, you may want to consider adding some Aphidius wasps to your indoor regime. Even when I miss the new outbreaks in aphids, they don't.
i use LED, the Aphid wasps have moved in when I pot a coupl pots out a few weeks back, most are wiped out, so two buggers today, better then the million a few weeks back.
+20c right now. Fruit trees all budding, berry bushes all have leaves, some onions up.
Nights too cold to plant yet.









How old did you say your Hippophae were? I think I've asked before. Have you ever coppiced or otherwise pruned them back?
Five years in my new place and about two-three years old place.
No Pruning, they just finaly took of the last three years, got a healthy amount of berries last year, used in hot sauce :)
What hop cultivars do you grow? Mine are just starting to emerge!
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Hope it has space and something tall nearby to climb to. Hops can reach massive proportions in a short period of time and can even become invasive with shoots popping out of the ground everywhere... Here's a (bad) pic of my monster Chinook bine which is around 6 years old now (started from a rhizome). The trellis is 15 ft tall but still not high enough, obviously!

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Yup, roots spread but I point them back to the post, also have twine horizontal from the top of the post, 8', so they spread left and right.
Should have pics from last year glog.
Day temps doing good in general, 20-27v, nice enough to have breakfast outside, but nights going to 0 end of the week.
Both apple trees blossoms coming out, yesterday my Cherry bush flowered, grape vines budding.
Orach getting big enough for salads. Still no planting outside.



When I lived in Minnesnowta, my blossomed out apple trees got frosted or froze on average about 3 out of five years.
Thats what happens to my plum, this is the first year no snow last weekend, did go to 0c though.
Apple trees tend to bloom a week or two later. Very few insects, wasps doing the pollinating.