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Fruit doing well, Grapes, Gooseberries, Blackcurrants, Apples, Cupid Cherries, Horseradish, Cherokee tomatoes.








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Did I ask you if you save seeds from your Horse Radish? Ours went in too late to bloom, and I'm not sure if it will in a pot. I'm pretty set on having a patch of them, so I'm hoping to speed up the process with seeds next season.. Curious as to others experience in this. The patch I worked on was established enough to not need seeding. You'd think you'd never forget something like working a patch of these, but after 20+ years, it's also become a little foggy.. I certainly haven't forgotten the flavor of fresh shaved horseradish!

If I recall correct, you can take a first year root, and cut the bottom 1/3-1/2 off it to get it to fork out the second year.. Then you harvest the second year root at the end of season, removing and replanting the small rootlets created by the fork, as well as the very crown of it. That sound right to you?
this is what I do
That side shoot method is similar to what I recall. I keep forgetting that bit about the seeds being unviable.. I'm going to have to look deeper into that.

So you divide the crown like you would a Hosta, or other clumping perennial? Or do you use the side shoots?