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Downriver 2023 - Pepper Time

Like others, I debated on having a Glog this year, but figured “what the heck”. It's been fun in past years, so let's give it a go.

Hopefully we'll end up posting pictures like this later in the Season! 🤞

Peppers IMG_20220910_153327947_HDR.jpg


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Quick update - peppers are starting to grow. That's about it, lol. Just finished installing a drip system for the peppers. My first foray into drip. I hope it works! Now we need to finish mulching.

Peppers IMG_20230627_161906620.jpg


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Update time.

Pepper plants be growin, lol. Got all of them caged. Now they're free to go wild, ha. The heat wave has finally broken, and temps at night are in the 60's. Let's set some pods dammit!
Peppers IMG_20230729_155305958.jpg Peppers Tomatoes L8-L9 IMG_20230729_155027612.jpg


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Jalapeno, Mutijala F6 (seeds from @Fatalii Attraction) I ended up with two plants in the ground, and they are growing a little different.

Plant #1 - shorter, much denser. It is so thick, I'm not sure there's any pods in there, lol.
Pepper - Mutijala IMG_20230731_160657091.jpg

Plant #2. Taller, a little more open interior, and displaying the (soon to be) winner of the "Longest Jalapeño" contest.😜
Pepper - Mutijala IMG_20230731_160716392.jpg Pepper - Mutijala IMG_20230731_160734130.jpg


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...a few pepper-related updates.

Well, there's bad news/good news.

Jalapeno, Mutijala F6 (@Fatalii Attraction)

The bad news is my future contest-winning pepper was suddenly attacked by BER and needed to be terminated.:cry:
Pepper - Mutijala F6 BER IMG_20230819_141309014.jpg

The good news is his little brother is growing fast, and will take his brother's place as the eventual contest winner!:D
Pepper - Mutijala F6 IMG_20230817_173006662.jpg

As a side note, I noticed a Giant Jalapeno the other day. It might not have the length, but it makes up for it in girth, lol.
Pepper - Giant Jalapeno IMG_20230817_172852821.jpg
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...various pickings

I made cucumber relish and needed some green and red peppers. So, I went down and grabbed some. I have no idea what they are, lol.
Pepper - various IMG_20230808_131925874.jpg

This is the first semi-pick of early, ripe peppers. Many more to come. (Disregard the squash, ha)
Peppers IMG_20230826_164347213.jpg


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Well, it's time to pick peppers! I'm probably behind in doing so, but what else is new, lol.

So, what's been going on the last few weeks? Let's see.....

As you know, the Annuums roll in first.

Top to Bottom: XL Antep Aci Dolma F3, Antonia P. Rhomedia, Wincaf Orange, Wincaf Red
Peppers IMG_20230914_141610083.jpg

Just a group shot of other various peppers we picked.
Peppers IMG_20230927_123308820.jpg
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Serrano - I thought serrano had some heat, like more than a jalapeno-type heat. Both of these varieties got nothing. And the Tampequino is commercial seed (Trade Winds). I guess my low-heat sensors are burned out.

L-R: Serrano, Serrano Tampequino, Serrano
Pepper - Serrano Tampiqueno middle IMG_20230924_175433370.jpg

Serrano Tampequino/Shishito, Serrano Tampequino
Peppers - Serrano Tampiqueno - Shishito IMG_20230925_155455097.jpg Pepper - Serrano Tampiqueno IMG_20230925_160928988.jpg
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Like others have experienced this season, I have a few "surprises" from commercial seed.

Jalapenona NOT/Jalapenona, Jalapenona (THSC)
Pepper - Jalapenona NOT left  IMG_20230924_151730670.jpg Pepper - Jalapenona IMG_20230924_151641124.jpg

SBS Demon Habanero Chocolate, SBS Demon Habanero Chocolate NOT (THSC)
Pepper - SBS Demon Habanero - Chocolate IMG_20230927_123833734.jpg Pepper - SBS Demon Chocolate NOT IMG_20230921_132955134.jpg

Further, the SBS Demon Habanero Chocolate plant did not grow well at all - very sparse/spindly. The NOT was healthy though, lol.
Pepper - SBS Demon Chocolate IMG_20230921_165150045.jpg Pepper - SBS Demon Chocolate NOT IMG_20230921_165226865~2.jpg
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